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Bled, the fairy-tale scenery


Located in the Gorenjska region, Bled is one of the most beautiful and famous landscapes of Slovenia. The unique fairy-tale like scenery of Bled is simply enchanting, lovely and absolutely breathtaking.


Within the beautiful Lake Bled is the sole island of Slovenia: the Bled Island, accessible by pletna boats. Swimming and canoeing are possible in Lake Bled. Standing on Bled Island is the charming Church of the Assumption, ringing its bells is said to bring luck. The Church with its 99 stairs is a popular wedding location.


Overlooking Lake Bled from the hill is the impressive Bled Castle, the view from its courtyard is simply enchanting. Bled Castle is one of the most visited attractions in Slovenia. The kremšnita, a cream cake, is a famous Slovenian dessert from Bled. The walking path around Lake Bled is friendly and the scenery is picturesque.

Attractions in Bled

Magnificent cliff castle overlooking the Lake Bled

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