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Goriška, the emerald road

The beautiful region of Goriška, situated on the west side of the country, offers many breathtaking points of interest such as watercourses, mountains, and vineyards.


The most important watercourse in Goriška is Soča, the emerald river – nominated as one of the most beautiful rivers in the World. Soča flows through the region, connecting different interesting municipalities such as Tolmin, Kobarid, Idrija, Vivapa, Goriška Brda and Nova Gorica. The region of Goriška is known for its water sports and fishing opportunities.


Nested in the Soča Valley is the lovely town of Tolmin, many visitors follow the historical Walk of Peace Trail, which connects monuments and remains from the World War I. The Tolmin Gorgean absolute must-go, is a fantastic hiking destination located at the lowest part of Triglav National Park. The color of the rivers Tolminka and Zadlaščica is very beautiful.


The little town of Kobarid in the Soča Valley has a 5 km historical trail that leads to a hidden gem: the Veliki Kozjak of the Kozjak slap – an impressive 15 meters waterfall that drops  into a blue-green pond, surrounded by a half-cave dome. Under the Napoleon Bridge flows the lovely Soča in all its beauty. The awards winning Kobarid Museum is worth a visit.


The mercury mine in Idrija is one of the two mercury mines that are listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. The art of Idrija laces is taught in the Former School Building and Lace Center. Through Slovenia, Idrija laces is very well known – it is a synonym of delicacy, prestige, and loveliness. About 2 kilometers from Idrija is the mysterious Wild Lake, where underground water erupts sporadically.


The town of Vivapa, known as the Slovene Venice, offers a rich array of architectural heritages. One of the oldest castle, the Stari Grad, dates from the 12th century. The Lanthieri Manor on the main square was built following the Venetian baroque style from 1762. The Church of St-Stephen is an important monument and the public cemetery of Vivapa has two authentic Egyptian sarcophagi.


At the border with Italy, is the small town of Nova Gorica – the “new Gorizia”, which is the Italian neighbor town. The town was designed like a park, with many green areas and it is lovingly surrounded by its famous and beautiful roses.


Located north of Nova Gorica is one of the finest wine-producing areas of Slovenia. The wine road Goriška Brda will bring you to many excellent wine cellars. The most famous wine in the area is the white wine Rebula.


The Vršič Pass, the highest mountain road in Slovenia, built during the World War II, connects Bovec in the Goriška region to Kranjska Gora in the Gorenjska region. The view from the top is breathtaking – many cyclists love the challenge of going up the Vršič Pass.


The information center Trenta Lodge is the most important information center of Triglav National Park, the only national park of Slovenia. The Trenta Valley is famous not only for its beauty but also for being the source of the emerald Soča.

Goriška, with its beautiful rivers and mountains, is the perfect region for outdoor lovers. The žlikrofi of Idrija, a dough with potato fillings, is a traditional Slovene dish. The wine cellars along the wine roads of Goriška will know to suit the palate of any wine’s lovers, a must try is the teran.

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