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Koroška, the unspoiled nature

The region of Koroška, with its unspoiled forests and mountains, is considered as the most typical Slovenian place to visit. The region is the perfect destination for those who seeks longer trips such as hiking treks, mountain biking tours and climbing expeditions.


The landscape of Koroška consists of three valleys (Meža, Drava and Mislinja) and three alpine mountains (Pohorje, Karavanke and Savinja). The natural landscape of Koroška is one of the most unspoiled area of Slovenia.


The various and beautiful hiking trails in Koroška can be adapted to suit different level of difficulty. Occasional hikers will be equally satisfy as hikers with more experiences. Two interesting hiking tours are the circular long-distance Koroška Alpine Trail, an intensive 10 to 12 days hike through the valleys of Meža, Drava and Mislinja and the K 24 challenge, the ascension of the five highest peaks of Koroška. Those who accomplish the challenge within 24 hours, join the Club 24.


The mountain biking trails in Koroška give an unique insight of the landscape between the alpine mountains and the river Drava. Peca Mountain Bike Park is the very first mountain biking park in Slovenia. Its biking trails consist of 300 km of forest paths and dirt roads. The park is situated within the cross-border Geopark Karavanke, an UNESCO heritage site.


For climbing lovers, the region of Koroška has much to offer. The best sports climbing area of Slovenia is Burjakove peči in Topla Nature Park, located just below Mt Peca. The cliffs of Mt Raduha of the Savinja Alps attract many experienced mountain climbers in summer and winter. One of the oldest tourist karst caves in Slovenia is the Huda luknja cave where trekking through the cave channels is possible.


The most beautiful town in the valley of Meža is Črna na Koroškem. Nearby is the Najevska Lipa linden tree in Ludransko Vrh, an approximately 770 years old tree with a circumference of 12,5 m.


The lovely area of Pohorje has beautiful green and dense forests. The Sgerm Spruce in Ribniško Pohorje is the tallest native tree in central Europe. The area turns into ski slopes during the winter.


The town of Slovenj Gradec dates from the 11th century. The layout of its old core is still preserved, making the town an important historical monument.

Traditional food of the beautiful region of Koroška includes žganci – a crumbled dish of cooked corn, wheat or buckwheat flour, povitnek – sweet filled dough rolls and famous rye bread.