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Notranjsko-kraška, the underground caves

The region of Notranjsko-kraška has a beautiful landscape on the surface, but its true beauty is underground, a jewel well-hidden. Notranjsko-kraška is most known for the several thousand karst caves that are spread in the area.


Near the centennial town of Postojna, is one of the most famous and visited attraction of Slovenia: the Postojna Cave, 24 kilometers of underground tunnels, galleries, and paths. The Postojna Cave tour starts with a mini-train ride into the main area of the cave followed by a tour guide of about one hour and a half. In the Vivarium Proteus, one of the most famous cave animals can easily be seen: the Proteus, also known as the human fish due to its skin color. The EXPO Postojna Cave Karst is an interactive way to learn more about the karst and caves.


About 10 kilometers from the Postojna Cave is the world’s largest castle above a cave: the Predjama Castle. The sight of the castle is breathtaking. The castle has already been standing above the cave for over 700 years. The cave below Predjama Castle can also be visited. Below, flows the small underground stream of Lokva.


The Pivka Cave offers its visitors a unique and exclusive experience: the possibility to walk paths along the underground stream of river Pivka and to visit channels through which it flows. The Black Cave is accessible only through a man-made passage. Inside the Black Cave are dark stalagmites and stalactites that are covered with thousands of glowing crystals, creating a magical and eerie scene.


The Križna jama, near Loško Polje, is a world famous water cave with its beautiful underground lakes. Part of the visit are accessible only by boat.


For a beautiful hike through the undisturbed karst valley, the Rakov Škocjan is the right destination. The wonderful hiking trails lead to the discovery of two naturally formed bridges.


An interesting phenomenon in Notranjsko-kraška is the intermittent Lake Cerknica. Surrounded by various reservoirs, the migration of water through the subterranean channels, gives the illusion of the inconsistent presence of the lake. During low rain season, the lake is replaced by wetlands while during heavy rains, Lake Cerknica becomes the biggest lake of Slovenia.


The highest peak in the south side of Slovenia is Snežnik, a non-Alpine mountain but a karst plateau. On its hill, the best-preserved castle of the region, the beautiful and impressive Snežnik Castle has been standing there since the 15th century.


The landscape of the old town of Ilirska Bistrica is dominated by the river Reka and has many remains of saw-mills and water-mills.

The Notranjsko-kraška offers a memorable visit underground as well as on its surface. The uniqueness of the landscape will charm you.

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