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Osrednjeslovenska, the heart of Slovenia

The Osrednjeslovenska region, situated in the center, is the very heart and soul of Slovenia. Cultural events and international congresses are synonyms of the region.

The major point of interest in Osrednjeslovenska is the beautiful capital city of Ljubljana, surrounded by other interesting places such as Kamnik, Litija, and Medvode.

Once known as the Roman Emona, the city of Ljubljana is a very old city and has an extremely rich heritage. Traces of its history can be found all around the city: the National Museum of Slovenia, the Roman wall and the Archaeological park Emona and much more. The Ljubljana Castle dates back to the 12th century and offers a wonderful outlook of the city.

Ljubljana is famous for its beautiful bridges, especially the Dragon Bridge, which has given Ljubljana the nickname of the city of dragons. The Triple Bridge in Prešeren Square and the Butcher’s Bridge where couples like to put their love locks on are also two notable bridges.

Many cultural events take place in Ljubljana such as the Open Kitchen, an ideal activity to explore different dishes. Follow the Ljubljana food tour to discover all the traditional dishes of Slovenia in one place.

The largest park in Ljubljana is the beautiful Tivoli City Park – the perfect place for relaxation, a nice walk, a place for a family day out and even hiking lovers will find their thrills. The Ljubljana’s Zoo and the Botanical Garden are also worth a visit.

Half an hour drive from Ljubljana is the lovely town of Kamnik. Its medieval and Baroque architectures are accessible through the narrows streets and is ideal for a relaxing walkThe Arboretum Volčji Potok is the most famous and visited garden in Slovenia, with its 80 hectares of flowers, grasses, and trees.

The Bogenšperk Castle stands proudly through the woods of the lovely town of Litija. The castle is known for its architecture but it’s even more known for being the home of Janez Vajkard Valvasor, an important polyhistor, and researcher of the 17th century. His working room holds a special place in the castle’s museum.

The town of Medvode, “between the waters” in Slovene, is situated exactly where the river Sora flows into the river Sava – one of the most important rivers in Slovenia.

Osrednjeslovenska is a great region for those who love beautiful historical cities. The restaurant and coffee shop Nebotičnik is one of the highest building in the center of Ljubljana and it has a charming terrace with a view on all points of interest. The Ljubljana Torta is a must-try.

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