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Podravska, around the river Drava

The wide area surrounding the river Drava is the beautiful Podravska region. Historical points of interest, relaxing thermal spas and excellent wines paired with delicious food are synonyms of Podravska.


One of the most important rivers in Slovenia and the main one in Podravska is Drava. The river starts near the Italian-Austrian borders, flows across Slovenia and pours into Croatia. The whole region of Podravska is in a tight relationship with Drava.


The richness of Drava contributed immensely to the development of Maribor. Despite being the second largest city of Slovenia, Maribor keeps its lovely charms – on one side is the beautiful Pohorje mountains and on the other side, are the delightful wine-growing hills.


The water of life provided by Drava makes the area unique in terms of wine production. In Lent, the oldest part of Maribor, is the famous Guinness record holder: Stara trta, known as the World’s oldest vine. Every year, the pruning of the Stara trta and its harvest have become a national celebration.


Slovenia is known for its beautiful mountains. The Mariborsko Pohorje, the biggest ski center in Slovenia, is a wonderful place for any ski lover. Thermal spas are famous in the area, one of the most popular is Terme Maribor. Many water sports are practiced along the river Drava.


Podravska is the most important wine-producing region of Slovenia. The vineyards are mainly situated in Haloze hills where many wine roads start. The wine tasting and culinary experience take one to three days, if not more. The oldest wine cellar of Slovenia is in Slovenske gorice – the Slovenian hills.


Between Slovenske gorice and Haloze is the oldest city of Slovenia, Ptuj. Its settlement dates from the Stone Age. The whole city is a historical and cultural heritage site. The imposing Ptuj Castle stands proudly on the hill over the city. It was first built in the 9th or 10th century, but only one tower survived from that period. The museum in the Ptuj Castle shows various collections: musical instruments, castle chambers and armory.


The pride of Ptuj is indeed the Kurant, a traditional Slovenian costume. Since centuries, Ptuj has celebrated one of the most unique Slovenian festival: the Kurentovanje, also known as Pust or Carnival.


The Štatenberg Mansion in Makole is one of the most beautiful Baroque mansion in Slovenia. A beautiful Baroque style garden was built around the mansion, but it was later on alter into an English landscape.


Another beautiful castle of the region is Bistrica Castle located in one of the oldest cities of Slovenia, Slovenska Bistrica. The medieval old town dates from the 13th century.


Located in Ptujska Gora is one of Slovenia’s most popular pilgrimage sites, the parish church of St-Mary.


The Žiče Carthusian Monastry in Slovenjske Konijice is a peaceful, serene and historical attraction. Just outside the monastery is the oldest hostel in Central Europe: the Gastuž. It has been renovated into a bar and restaurant that offer refreshment to visitors.

The Podravska region offers excellent white wines such as rizling, renski and traminec. The thermal spas and activities along the river Drava makes the region quite unique.

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