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Pomurska, along the river Mura

The Pomurska region, all the way to the northeast of Slovenia, is beautiful for its wide fields, floating mills and wine-growing hills. It is also a great location for thermal spas. Pomurska is the biggest agricultural area of Slovenia.


Many dialects are being used in Slovenia. It is good to know that the dialect used in Pomurska differs a lot from the rest of the country.


Pomurska means “by Mura” and is also known as Prekmurje, which means “across Mura”. The river Mura, the most important watercourse of the area, is the starting point of the region. The river flows through the town of Radenci and Veržej.


In the town of Radenci is one of the most famous healing spring resorts in Slovenia: Terme Radenci. The resort is known for its natural carbonated mineral water source. Radenci is also a well-known brand of mineral water in Slovenia.


For those looking for fun water parks, the Terme 3000 in Moravske Toplice is the place to go. Awesome water slides with huge pools are perfect for families. The spa is also known for its special black thermo-mineral water, believed to be a good remedy for skin problems, rheumatic diseases and respiratory illnesses.


Two others popular thermal spas in Pomurska are Lendava Thermal Spa, a kid-friendly spa and the Banovci Health Resort, situated next to the first nudist camp in Slovenia.


The town of Lendava is the most eastern town in Slovenia. Inside the Lendava Castle is the Gallery-Museum Lendava and many great exhibitions. The Lendava Synagogue holds a permanent exhibition of the Jewish Community in the region. The Evangelical Church is the only protestant church in Lendava. The oldest cemetery of Lendava surrounds the Chapel of Holy Trinity.


Murska Sobota, the biggest town in Pomurska, is the only Slovenian town that is located on a plain. The Murska Sobota Castle is a beautiful Renaissance castle and now a regional museum. The castle is surrounded by impressive 200 years old oak trees.


In the Natural Park Goričko are the lovely Bukovnica Lake and one of the largest castles in Slovenia, the Castle Grad.


The vineyards and wine cellars in the area of Gornja Radgona are famous wines. Along the river Mura, the town is very pretty.


In the region of Pomurska, there are 90 floating mills remaining, the most famous and the only one still operating is the Babičev mill, near the small town of Veržej. Floating mills are part of the cultural, technical and natural heritage of Pomurska.

Pomurska is known for its traditional and refined bučno olje (pumpkin-seed oil). The Zlata Radgonska Penina from Gornja Radgona is the first Slovenian sparkling wine. The famous Prekmurje Gibanica, a traditional Slovenian cake, is a must-try when visiting the region of Pomurska. 

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