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Spodnjeposavska, below the river Sava

The lovely region of Spodnjeposavska is located at the southeast part of Slovenia. The area is famous for its vineyards, thermal spas and cultural points of interest.


Spodnjeposavska, which means “Lower Sava” in Slovene, is located at the lower part of the longest river in Slovenia, the river Sava. Two others significant watercourses in the area is the river Krka and river Sotla.


The river Krka, the second longest river in Slovenia, flows through the regions of Spodnjeposavska and Jugovzhodna Slovenija, connecting important towns.


Spodnjeposavska is well-known for its beautiful hilly vineyards of the Posavje wine region. This wine-growing territory includes Dolenjska and Bela Krajina of the Jugovzhodna Slovenija region.


In Spodnjeposavska, the wine-growing area of Bizeljsko prouds itself with its white and red wines. The Rajhenburg Castle in Brestanica has the Posavje’s Gallery of Wine. 


The different rivers of the region contribute to the important development of Terme Čatež, the biggest natural thermal spas of Slovenia. With its modern facilities, Terme Čatež is one of the most visited spas in the country. The medieval Mokrice Castle is part of the Terme Čatež and has a beautiful 18-hole golf course.


Near the lovely village of Čatež ob Savi is Slovenia’s longest bridge crossing river Sava. 


The Savnica Castle in the lovely town of Sevnica contains different collections: School and Firefighting Museum, Museum of Exiles and a permanent exhibitions of decorative arts.


The town of Krško is the hometown of Primož Trubar, author of the very first book in Slovene, the official language of Slovenia.


One of the largest town of Slovenia, Brežice, is situated at the confluence of river Sava and river Krka. The town has many different activities to offer. Every year, the important SloFolk Slovenia International Folklore Festival, a tradition cultural event, takes place in Brežice. The Posavje Museum Brežice has an impressive and worth-visiting Knight’s Hall from the 18th century and is located inside the Brežice Castle.


The river Krka gives the small town of Kostanjevica na Krki its unique sight. The small town dates from the 13th century and is built on a beautiful island surrounded by the river Krka. The Bozidar Jakac Gallery situated inside the Kostanjevica Castle and the Forma Viva, the first outdoor sculpture park in Slovenia, are important cultural attractions in the area.


Many beautiful outdoors activities and natural monument are along the river Sotla. One of the most impressive sight of nature is the unspoiled forest of Krakovo, with various bird species and in the village of Cundrovec is Slovenia’s largest oaktree. The regional park of Kozjanski Park is a protected area with many interesting and beautiful hiking trails.


The small town of Svete Gore, which means Holy Hills in Slovene, is the one of the oldest pilgrimage centers of Slovenia due to its St-Mary’s Church. The town dates from the Roman period and the remains of the Neviodunum, an old river port, can be seen. Nearby is the Ajdovska Jama, a cave that contains many archaeological findings.

The best wine in the region is the white and red Bizeljčan blends and the repnice found in Bizeljsko. The region also has the best Laški rizling. The wine-roads of the region offers good culinary and wine tasting experience that will make the visit of Spodnjeposavska a lasting memory!

Attractions in Spodnjeposavska

Photo Credits: Kostanjeviška Jama
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