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Zasavska, the smallest region

The region of Zasavska is the smallest region in term of surface but the second in term of highest population density in Slovenia. Situated near the central part of Slovenia, Zasavska is a popular outing destination, especially for excursion lovers.


Zasavska is mainly situated north of the river Sava, the longest river of Slovenia. The landscape of Zasavska is very beautiful and gives sight of the Posavsko hrbovje hills extending on both side of river Sava.


The town of Trbovlje is the 9th largest town in Slovenia and is known for its coal and mines industry. The history of mining is written in the Zasavski Muzej Trbovlje. Nearby is the Grobišče na opuščenem pokopališču, an abandoned cemetery mass grave from the dark period of World War II.


The many hiking and biking trails from Trbovlje lead to the highest peak of the Posavsko hribovje hills: Mt Kum. The view at the top is simply breathtaking.


Zagorje ob Savi is located exactly on the 15th meridian and has a special city marking. The Okamneli svatje, a group of 20 rock pillars ranging from 3 to 20 meters tall, is an impressive and imposing sight to behold. The town is located at the confluence of river Sava and river Medija.


The ruins of the once beautiful Gothic Medija Castle can be found near Zagorje ob Savi. An important portion of the castle has been destroyed during World War II, but the chapel was restored afterward.

A typical dish of Zasavska is the Zasavska jetrnica, a fresh liver sausage. Excursion lovers will find their fills in the beautiful region of Zasavska.