Sweden Travel Guide
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Attractions in Sweden

Photo by tuey on Foter.com / CC BY

Lined all over by beautiful stores, cafes, and res...

Exemplary display of armory from the 1600s

One of the marvelous engineering feats of Sweden

One of the most famous of all amusement parks in S...

Photo Credits: saltosill.se

A hotel with amazing proximity to the sea

The park has something for all kinds of sledding

Largest lake in Sweden

Photo by bengt-re on Foter.com / CC BY

The largest spherical building in the world

Photo Credits: kolarbyn.se

For the adventure lovers

Third largest lake in the country of Sweden

Most visited cathedral in Sweden

The first open-air museum

Photo Credits: treehotel.se

A tree house turned into a boutique hotel

By Holger.Ellgaard (Own work) [CC BY-SA 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons

Come and bask in the glory of nature