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Switzerland may be a small country, but it has a lot to offer. It is located in Central Europe and consist of 26 cantons. It does not have a capital city, but Bern is the seat of federal authorities. If you plan to visit Switzerland you should also see other larger cities like Zurich, Geneva, Lucerne, Basel… Our Switzerland travel guide will help you explore many interesting attraction you can visit during your stay here.

Swiss alps run through the south and south-east, and in the north and north-east, a broad Swiss plateau takes over the landscape. These drastic differences in the Swiss landscape have created some of the most amazing waterfalls in Europe and the World. Also, Swiss Alps are a well-known tourist destination, for leisure activities like hiking and mountain climbing, and for winter sports.

The architectural style of Switzerland varies from canton to canton and radiates with mystical vibes of the past days. Some of the most representative houses and households are transported and can be seen at Museum Ballenberg. Having been spared from the destructiveness of the First and the Second World War, Switzerland was able to preserve most of the old cities and castles, and some of the medieval castles you can see here will take your breath away. If you plan to visit Switzerland you should take your time and visit amazing Chillon Castle

With all the scientific and technological breakthroughs that are made here, one might think that Switzerland is so modern it has left the tradition behind. This is far from the true and you can see it for your self when you open any Switzerland travel guide. You will find various traditional events around the Switzerland who’s sole purpose is to remember the old days. Swiss cherish their tradition through a number of festivals and events.

Swiss cuisine represents a perfect blend of different cultures, and the Swiss take a lot of pride in their chocolate and cheese production

There are a lot of unique places to see in Switzerland, and if you are not fond of crowded places- don’t worry. You can visit Switzerland and just enjoy unspoiled nature. There are a number of secluded places to go to when you want to get away from the city noise. If you have kids and want them to have fun and learn, you will be surprised with the variety of family-friendly places and activities in Switzerland.

In a nutshell, Switzerland is a country that makes its visitors feel welcomed, and the Swiss hospitality is the number one reason people decide to travel to Switzerland again. This country has all you will ever need for a perfect vacation whether you come here to relax, have fun or shop.

Plan ahead so you can maximize the time you spend exploring this number one European tourist destination.
For more tips you can read our Switzerland travel guide and explore various topics about this amazing destination.

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