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A vast state containing some of the most amazing landscapes in the country such as the Nevado de Toluca (volcano), many enchanted villages such as Metepec, Jilotepec, Malinalco, Valle de Bravo and many more.

Attractions in State of Mexico

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An off-the-beaten path fair to truly indulge in a ...

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Celebrate Día de Muertos in the outskirts of Mexi...

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An industrial city with a gorgeous Colonial center

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Mexico's 4th highest peak

Bright, colourful and perfect for those looking to...

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A tragic love story between two volcanoes

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A popular weekend getaway village for Mexico's Cit...

A mixture of colonial architecture and Aztec ruins

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Get off the beaten path by visiting these underrat...

A National Park where you won't feel like you're i...

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A quaint village near Mexico City

A gorgeous ecological park full of activities for ...

Mexico's most charming crafts store

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The home of Frida Kahlo

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