January 24, 2022


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Most interesting places of Wroclaw

      1. Wroclaw is not just another Polish city. It is the largest city in western Poland, and widely believed to be the most beautiful city in the country. It has a long history dating back a thousand years, and lots of places which are rich in history and legends.


      1. Perhaps the best way to start exploring Wroclaw is the Central railway station.


    1. Wroclaw Central Station


      1. After observing it, head straight to another interesting place. It is not very popular among tourists, but definitely worth visiting. While you go, look around carefully: the city is full of dwarfs.


      1. Since the beginning of the 21st century local authorities decided to add some spice to the image of the city and installed tiny bronze statues of Dwarfs. They originate from the popular Polish movement “Orange initiative” that was against the absurdity of communism and had the orange color and gnome as their symbol.
      1. Now there are more than 300 of these small statues in various parts of Wroclaw. They are all different, and each dwarf has his own story and meaning. Many tourists buy keychains with small copies of Wroclaw Dwarfs as souvenirs from this city.


                           Profile of Time in Wroclaw

      1. Having admired and taken pictures of this great artwork, go to the city center. You can take a ride by train or bus, but I recommend to go on foot. This is the best way to explore the city, as there are interesting spots literally everywhere. While going, you will cross the bridge over the City Moat. Besides this bridge, there are around 220 bridges in Wroclaw. Because of them, it is frequently called ‘the Venice of the North’.


      Market Square in Wroclaw


      1. After going around the Market square, take a closer look at the Wroclaw Town hall.


    1. Wroclaw Town Hall


      1. The last destination is the impressive St. Mary Magdalene’s Church with its famous Witches’ Bridge. Don’t hesitate and climb the tower to enjoy a stunning view from the bridge.


    1. St. Mary Magdalene’s Church with Witches’ Bridge in Wroclaw


    1. These several places can be just the beginning of your city explorations. Go on and enjoy ancient Wroclaw to the full. And after you come home, you will always write the city’s name only like this: WrocLOVE.