January 22, 2022


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Why Nicaragua?

Playa Maderas, Nicaragua
San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua

My girlfriend and I have traveled extensively in the past 10 years or so. While we started out vacationing like most Americans, one or two weeks at a time, a few years ago we decided that long term travel was our passion, and that we would pursue that passion the best we could. We’ve been on the road now, non-stop, for the past sixteen months. While our original plan was to travel all of Central America, and then move onto South America, those plans changed once we made it to Nicaragua. We set foot in Nicaragua planning to spend a month, maybe two, checking out everything the country has to offer. That was twelve months ago. We fell in love with the country and have no desire to leave anytime soon. We’re questioned all the time, especially by our American friends back home, why we would choose Nicaragua as our current home. The answers are pretty easy.
Nicaragua is one of the safest countries in all of Latin America, and much safer than where we lived back in the States. Sure there are areas best avoided, and there is petty crime such as pickpockets and petty theft. Even these petty crimes though are out of the ordinary, and really only happen to people who put themselves in those positions. If you want to dance in a jam-packed nightclub, until four in the morning, in an area of town known for pickpockets, you’re probably going to have a hand in your pocket. If you decide to leave your $400 iPhone on the bar as you use the restroom, I can pretty much guarantee that iPhone will have a new sim card in it the following day. As for violent crime, or armed robbery, it’s almost unheard of.
The People
Like I mentioned, we’ve been pretty much all over the world. Nowhere, with the exception of Jamaica, have we experienced such hospitality. From shop owners, to street vendors, to people on the street, most everyone you pass is going to wish you a good day. Need help finding a hotel, or getting your heavy bags on the top of the chicken bus? There’s always someone around more than willing to help you out, and they don’t ask for anything in return. Even in a country where poverty reigns, and unemployment is rampant, the Nicaraguan people are always in high spirits, and willing to help out not only their neighbors, but tourists alike.
The Landscape
Nicaragua pretty much has it all. You can soak up the sun, and surf one of the many beaches found on the Pacific coast. More interested in the clear blue, calm, waters of the Caribbean? Nicaragua has that too. With nineteen volcanoes, many of them active, and numerous rainforests, there are many choices for those who want to spend the day, or a week, hiking. There are rivers with waterfalls, cosmopolitan, colonial cities, chilly mountain towns, and dry, arid fishing villages. Nicaragua has something for every type of adventurous traveler.
The Cost
Not only can you take advantage of all the above listed amenities, you can do so at a fraction of the cost of almost any other country we’ve been to. Here a large lobster dinner, that could almost feed two, will only set you back around $6-$8usd. An ice cold beer, in a bar on the beach, will cost you less than a dollar. Looking to stay long term? Our apartment, a five minute walk to the beach, costs us $225usd a month. We actually spend less while on vacation in Nicaragua than we do back home in the States. Whether you plan on getting away for a week, or a year, we highly recommend checking Nicaragua out.