Once you take that first step, you will never look back”. Interview with Niki

1. When did you first start travelling and which is your favourite travel memory? 


I have always travelled since I was 8 years old. But I became more serious about travelling in 2013 after graduation. My favourite travel memory would have to be when I visited Iceland. Iceland is such a magical country and this is where I was bitten by the travel bug.


2. What are your 5 musthaves (apart from the basics such as passport, credit card, phone) when travelling?


My camera, a notebook, ear plugs, eye mask and a blanket. I don’t go anywhere without my camera and notepad to document my travels. And my trusty ear plugs, eye mask and travel blanket are essential on long flights.


3. How do you fund your travels?


I work full time and travel when I can. Sometimes I travel with my work too.




4.  What do you focus on while travelling to a new place – people, culture, attractions, food, adventure, or nature?


I like to experience everything a country has to offer. From seeing the attractions to learning about the local culture, with a bunch of adventure thrown in there too.
5. What is your advice to travellers who are just beginning their journey?


Welcome to the world of travel! And well done for making that first step! You are about to see how beautiful the world really is. Yes, you may come across some haters, whether they are friends or family. But the travel community is filled with so many inspiring people. Be happy and live your dream!


 6. What is your number 1 moneysaving tip to other travellers?


If you are saving for a trip, prioritizing is so important. You may love to shop and buy luxuries, but do you need them?
When you are on the road you can save so much money on food alone by going to supermarkets instead of cafes or restaurants.




7. What is that one destination in your list that you are dying to go to and why?


Antarctica – It looks such an incredible continent. Antarctica has been my dream trip since the beginning.


8. What was your favourite trip so far? Why was it memorable?


 Iceland was by far my best trip to date. It was so memorable as it was when the travel bug really started biting for me. Seeing the Northern Lights, climbing glaziers, relaxing in the natural hot springs and diving between the tectonic plates. Iceland is a real life fairy tale.


9. Is there a place you’d never go to? Why?


There is never anywhere I would say I wouldn’t go. My interests change each year, so each year I find myself exploring countries I have never thought of visiting before.



10. What has been your favourite destination? Why?


 So far my favourite destination has been Iceland. This is such a beautiful and magical country. I climbed glaziers, dived between the tectonic plates, experiences Blue Lagoon and saw the Northern Lights. Nothing can top that!


11. What is the craziest thing you’ve done during your travels?

I am quite adventurous. From up in the skies skydiving and bungee jumping to deep in the depths of the ocean scuba diving.


12. What advice would you give to anyone who is considering travelling but is scared to take the leap of faith?



Do it! – It may feel so scary, but once you take that first step, you will never look back. Travelling really does change your life!


13. Do you travel full time? Or do you take breaks in between?


I travel part time. I enjoy working full time and having incredible trips to look forward to. It keeps life exciting!


14. Any upcoming trips you’re looking forward to?

I have many upcoming trips I’m looking forward to! I like to keep them a surprise for my followers, so stay tuned!


15. Where do you see yourself in a year? In five years?


I always see myself travelling but i will always have my Wanderlust HQ to store all my memories and souvenirs.




 16. We know that travel affects our lives in many positive ways, but no one ever talks about the negative side of it (i.e. relationships can suffer, etc). Has travelling affected your life negatively in any way?


I can’t say travelling has affected my life in a negative way. My family are really supportive. Travelling has given me so much independence and education with so many stories to tell too.
17. Where have you visited so far?


I have currently visited 27 countries over 4 continents with many more coming soon! In order of travel i have been to: England, Spain, France, Italy, Belgium, Wales, Scotland, Netherlands, Vatican City, Ireland, Iceland, Germany, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Austria, Canada, United Arab Emirates, Norway, Egypt, Poland, Lithuania, Latvia, Estonia, Finland, Sweden & Denmark.
18. What is the most challenging aspect of travel in your opinion?


In my opinion, I would have to say the language barriers. If only I knew every language in the world!




19. There are many ways to travel: from staying in luxurious resorts to hitchhiking and living off the grid. How do you travel?

I tend to stay in hotels. I like to show others that you can travel the world and still keep a bit of luxury.


20. Is it on your plans to settle down somewhere in the future and stop travelling as much?

I will always have a home base and travel part time. It is how I have always travelled and I hope to continue to show others that you can work and travel.
21. Why did you decide to blog? Has it had any impact on the way you travel?


Many of my friends wanted to hear about my travels so I decided the best way was to write it all down. Starting a blog has welcomed me into the travel blogging world and realize just how many people are like me. Since starting a blog I have realize you are never really alone in this world.

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