“One should never live a life full of regrets”. Interview with Cheryl Howard


1. When did you first start travelling and which is your favourite travel memory?



I first started travelling in the spring of 2007, a year after my father died. As he left me with a little money, I wanted to journey to somewhere extraordinary in his memory. I went on a rather epic trip to South America, where I cruised the Galapagos Islands, hiked to Machu Picchu, and flew over the Nazca Lines. It was an emotional trip and I felt like he was there with me the whole time.


It’s hard to pick a favourite moment, as I have so many! Some favourite memories include salsa dancing in Vienna on Christmas Eve, smoking cigars in a local’s backyard one night in Havana, and soaking in one of the hot baths in Budapest on a winter evening while it was snowing.






2. What is your favourite travel movie/song/book? Any traveller – dead or alive – who inspired you to travel in the first place?



One of my favourites is Samsara, a silent and very visual documentary by Ron Fricke. The aim of the documentary is to show a connection between humanity and nature and was filmed in more than 25 countries over 5 years. This rather epic flick shows that the world is glorious, tumultuous, and complex and made me ache to experience even more of it through my travels.


My dad was an avid traveller, always hitting up different places in North America with his RV in tow. He planted the travel bug in me from an early age.



3. What do you focus on while travelling to a new place – people, culture, attractions, food, adventure, or nature?



I’m definitely into city breaks more than anything and like to experience the city through walking its streets and taking photos. I especially love street art! I’m also big into cafe culture and finding cool bars to drink local brews.



4. What is the longest you have travelled for? What advice would you give to travellers thinking of long‐term travel but are hesitant to go ahead?



As I am not a long-term traveller, my trips are usually quite short. My longest trip was three weeks when I went to South America to travel to Ecuador and Peru.


If someone is thinking of long-term travel and has the desire and means to do so, I say go for it!






5. What is that one destination in your list that you are dying to go to and why?



I’m dying to return to Bosnia and Herzegovina. I spent time in Mostar last year and fell in love with the country. I’m particularly keen to visit Sarajevo, so much so, that there’s a guidebook sitting on my coffee table right now. I want to return to have more Bosnian coffee, experience more nature, and the friendly hospitality of the people.



6. What was your favourite trip so far? Why was it memorable?



Iceland definitely was one of my favourites. It was memorable due to the indescribable beauty and all of the amazing experiences I had, like swimming the Silfra crack where you’re passing from North America to Europe, dipping my toes in the Blue Lagoon, and doing a sunrise horseback ride across a lava field.



7. What is the craziest thing you’ve done during your travels?



I’d say it was paragliding over the Italian alps and swimming through a darkened cave to reach a secluded beach in Southern Thailand.



8. Where have you visited so far?



I’ve visited 32 countries to date through North America, South America, Asia and Europe.



Cheryl Howard in Iceland



9. Why did you decide to blog? Has it had any impact on the way you travel?



I started my blog, cherylhoward.com, as a way to document my travel experiences and share them with others.


My blog also features a lot of expat related content, intended to help newcomers to Berlin.


My mission is to inspire others to travel or even move abroad.



10. Any useful travel gadgets or apps that you recommend using.



I’m a big of Four Square to discover cool cafes or bars when I’m travelling. Google Maps for finding my way around a new city. Instagram for tips of photo worthy locations.


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