Palolem Beach, Goa

Goa is the smallest state in India with only 1,457,723 people living at 3,702 km2 . In comparison, Maharashtra, home state to Bombay and just above Goa is more than 80 times bigger than Goa!Captura de pantalla 2015-08-17 a la(s) 04.07.35


If you are looking for a nice beach holiday with a lot of nature to explore, you’re definitely going to find that in Goa. This little state offers over 15 different beaches and heaps of freshwater lakes and rivers.

Cabs are barely allowed in this state and therefore really expensive and Rickshaws are only in the main cities near the railway stations. The best option to get around and explore the little place is to rent a scooter what will cost you around 200-300 Rps (3-4,7$) per day.


Captura de pantalla 2015-08-17 a la(s) 04.07.50Done with that you can start up visiting the numerous waterfalls which are spread all over Goa. The biggest one is Dudhsagar Falls. It is located right behind the railway bridge in the east of the state and teared into four parts. Translated it means “Sea of Milk”. The waterfall received this name because the water is appearing white because it is under too much pressure while falling. With all the tourists visiting the waterfall, it got pretty commercialized and therefore you need a ticket. It is reachable either by a 14km walk, a jeep or by taxi. The gates close at 3.30pm. For all shopping lovers Goa offers great beach streets and alleyways where you can walk the little shops or just enjoy some nice lunch at the seaside. In Anjuna, which is a beach in the north of Goa, there´s a flea market every Wednesday during dry season. There you can buy authentic Indian shawls, Walahna Waterfall Freshwater lake at „Paradise Beach“ blankets, jewellery or clothing.


Don’t miss to try a sugarcane juice, whenever you’re on the road. It only costs 10 Rps (15 cents) and is super refreshing.


An insider Tip is “Paradise Beach”, just ask the locals at Arambal beach and after a little hike from there you will find it.


Just a few kilometers away of Palolem Beach you can find the Catiago Wildlife Sanctuary, which you will be able to enter with your scooter and where you can find a tree house, water holes and nature tracks through the forest.Captura de pantalla 2015-08-17 a la(s) 04.08.04


At Palolem Beach itself there’s a lot to see as well. The seaside offers nice restaurants or cottages for those who want to wake up with the view over the sea.


Furthermore this place is famous for its Sunset Point and Silent Disco, in which you get earphones to choose your own music channel. Heading up to the north of the beach you will first find the Silent Disco on your right. After crossing knee or waist deep water (depending on the tide), you’re reaching the “Sundowner”, a café, bar area right at the sunset point. Crossing it, at the end you can climb up the stone formations and enjoy the beautiful sunset. In the evening after sunset you can stay at the “Sundowner”, relax at the beach or enjoy the life music at one of the restaurants.


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