Places In Switzerland That Will Be Fun For You And The Kids Too

When going on a trip with kids there are so many things that can go wrong. From getting sick to throwing tantrums anywhere you go, they can make you work so hard on your vacation, you won’t get the time to relax. But, just remember, when you were a kid, did you actually have fun in museums listening to history lessons? Check these places out with your kids and you can be sure you will have plenty of fun together


1. Papiliorama


Located in Kerzers, canton Fribourg this is a place kids of all ages will like. In this magical tropical garden, you can see over 1000 butterflies flying around, different tropical plants and birds. There is also a special room where you can see the newly transformed butterflies emerge from their cocoons. If this is not amusing for you, you can go to Nocturama. Here special filters block the sunlight and mimic the moonlight perfectly, so you can observe many different nocturnal animals in their habitats.


2. Adventure Park Farich


This park is situated in Davos, canton Graubinden and it is perfect for families that want an adrenaline rush. Here you can take part in five high rope courses and there is one for the youngest ones too. If you are not a fan of heights, you can take some of the different mountain bike courses.


3. Children’s Museum


A museum in Baden that will show your kids that history can be fun too. Here you and your kids can see different toys, books, nurseries, teaching aids etc. from up to 300 years ago. Learn how games were played in different countries and see creative paper theatre, which will surely amaze your little ones.


4. Toy World Museum Basel


With its world’s largest teddy bear collection the Toy World Museum will grab the children’s attention. Porcelain dolls are arranged in a fashion that makes them seem almost alive. If dollhouses and toy carousels are not your cup of tea, you can wait for your kids to finish exploring this wonderful museum in a restaurant on the first floor


5. Sensorium


Explore your senses! This museum in Walkringen exhibits over 70 stations, but do not just stand there, interact with them, or you will miss a lot. Take a closer look, hear, touch, smell, taste. Here you can focus on your senses and learn so much more about them. What the kids seem to like the most is walking barefooted on a special platform designed to play with the sense of touch.


6. Conny-Land


An amusement park in Lipperswil with plenty of rides will please the adrenaline junkies and those who are faint-hearted too. Good luck trying to get your kids to leave the wonderful Kid’s Corner or the amazing Jungle Adventure. Be sure to take the Mamut Tree ride which has been voted as one of the Europe’s best family ride for three years in a row.


7. Glasi Hergiswil


It is a Glass Museum and workshop with plenty of fun activities for children and adults alike. The Glasi Archive houses a growing collection of various glass object and here you can even blow and shape your own glass with some help from the glassmaker for a small fee. Other points of interest include glass labyrinth, marble run, and beautiful park where you can enjoy a sunny day with your family


8. Schongiland


An amusement park in Schongau designed for kids rather than adults, but still offers plenty of fun rides for both.  Different rides and content will make your day better and there are lots of barbecue areas where families come to enjoy their weekends. The most popular rides here are the 380m long weatherproof slide and the water playground.


9. Glacier Garden


A park and museum in Lucerne that will show you landscapes formed by the melting of glaciers. You will be surprised to learn that the area of Lucerne was once a subtropical beach, and the fossilized animal remains can prove it. Kids will have a great time trying to get out of the mirror maze for sure!


10. Aquaparc Le Bouveret


Located in a small village of Le Bouveret, near Montreaux, this is a perfect family summer getaway place. The Caribbean themed aqua park has plenty of slides and rides for the whole family, and there are fun, shallow pools for the non-swimmers. It can get crowded sometimes so it is preferable that you book your ticket in advance.

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