Rome: unmissable places

Rome is one of the most beautiful cities in the world: is there any need to say it? Ideally, you need to have a year to be able to fully explore it but, since this isn’t possible, I must point out (my) sine qua non for a ‘two to three’ day trip. It’s hard to choose the most important places because the Italian capital is a celebration of life, art, history, parks … I will try to be “synthetically complete” but I want to go beyond the most famous places ( Colosseum, St. Peter’s, Castel Sant’Angelo) because, more or less, you know them all.


For me, it’s one of the most beautiful parks in Italy. Villa Pamphili is huge, real green lung within the metropolis. Lying beneath the almond trees in bloom, riding in it and having a picnic in front of the historic villa is priceless.


Do you want to enjoy Rome from a different perspective by being in contact with the river and its animals? Walking along the Tiber is relaxing, informative and a panacea for your eyes. Arm yourself with comfortable shoes, because the Tiber is very, very long.


It’s an archeological site of incredible beauty. You can discover here how Romans used to live. In addition, you can reach the sea in a few minutes by car or bus.


It’s absolutely my favourite church in Rome. You can reach it by subway B. San Paolo Fuori le Mura is a wonder to behold: from the façade, rich with ancient mosaics, to the immense naves, rich with colossal colonnades. After the visit, you can relax on the front lawn.


It isn’t only a park but a surprise for all of your senses. A great, ancient aqueduct dominates the park. Here you’re both in a European capital and in the countryside. I suggest you take half a day to lie in the sun, play with the ball and make a healthy picnic among the flowers.


Here you can discover many places you may have watched in The Great Beauty, by the filmmaker Paolo Sorrentino. Please, observe the marvelous statues that watch you from the top of this beautiful hill.


An international cultural centre near Piazza Navona. Chiostro del Bramante is perfect for those who are tired of long walks in the capital and want to relax a bit in the shade of peaceful cloisters, which the outside noise can’t reach. There’s also a nice cafe inside.


Walk through the beautiful garden only to get lost in its beauty. You will be mesmerized by the charm of this place.


The perfect blend of  a modern district and the traditional Roman ambience and setting, Garbatella will leave you impressed. You can enjoy the buildings and the diverse cuisines here.


Home to people from varied cultures, the Piazza Vittorio is one of the most loved squares in Rome. From diversified people to varied cuisines, you will find everything here.

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