Seven Day Trip To Croatia

If you ever wondered where to go and what places to visit during your vacation trip to Croatia, here are some suggestions. We are going to take you on a journey through some of our favorite places along the Adriatic coast, which is perfect for hiking, biking and swimming. Take a backpack and go on a little trip and enjoy yourself in this gorgeous country!

Firstly, we take you to Rastoke. Rastoke is a small, but beautiful place filled with waterfalls, springs, greenery and local wooden cottages where you can stay overnight and have a lunch or dinner. Plus, you can also visit the museum and feast your eyes on the beautiful and untouched nature and scenery.


Another great town which you might come across during your ride towards the coast is one of the oldest towns in Croatia, called Knin. This town is adorned by a fortress from which you can view the entire town and much more. During the summer months, this town gets extremely hot, but that can be easily overcome by taking a swim in river Krka. Krka is one of the Croatian National Parks, and you will be dazzled just by one look at its beauty.


On your journey, it is possible to pass through Crikvenica. Crikvenica has one of the prettiest sand beaches. The place is ideal for families with children as it offers plenty of things to do. The sea is crystal-clear and it is perfect for kids as there are playgrounds on the beach, one of them being a wooden ship.


Old Town of Rab is also one of the places where you can have all the fun in the world. If you love long walks, biking, boat rides and other thrilling activities, then you are in the right place. The town has many historical monuments, churches and is a great place for couples. It is a romantic little town with a heart of gold. Plus, the town has one nudist beach, which is very famous and well visited. If you ever wanted to visit a nudist beach, this is your chance!


This wonderful town offers sandy beaches, many high-quality auto camps and beautiful long walks. The place is ideal for recreations, rest and fun.


If you have enough time, be sure to visit some southern parts of the country such as Makarska. This town offers many things: a beautiful old town, sunny weather most of the time, expeditions, sightseeing, boat rides and more. It is one of the most attractive places along the coast of the Adriatic.


Last, but not least, the Island of Susak. This island is a nature paradise but its hard to get to. There are no roads on the island, no cars, no night clubs, no nothing, just a few residents and untouched nature. The island is completely isolated and you will feel like you’re in a whole other world. The people who used to live there mostly immigrated to America and only come back during the summer months. People who still reside there have a different accent from the rest of Croatia. We recommend setting aside a day or two to visit this island by foot and explore all of its beauties.

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