The Sights & Sounds of Vietnam

Extremely exotic and breathtakingly beautiful, Vietnam is a country of rich natural beauty and a heritage that the world has bowed to.


Unforgettable Experiences

Vietnam promises its visitors experiences that will form the center of dinner table conversations for years after a visit. Whether you sit on the deck of a Chinese junk at Ha Long Bay looking at the limestone islands in the distance or explore the spectacular caves at the Phong-Nha-Ke bang National Park, or whether you spend an entire morning trying to work out how you are going to a cross a road amid a gazillion motorbikes and spend the afternoon feeling somber at a war cemetery, Vietnam never disappoints the senses of every visitor to the country.


A World of Food

While Thai food has become the default choice of gastronomes in the mood for some South-East Asian flavours, Vietnam is on its way to displace the Thai supremacy. Vietnamese food is quickly becoming a favourite among visitors to the country – and some of them are even taking back some flavours, if the cooking schools in Hoi An are any indication. Chinese flavours rule in the soups of northern Vietnam, while complex cooking techniques and locally grown spices characterise the food of southern Vietnam. This is in addition to Banh Mi – arguably the world’s best sandwich!


For the Traveler

Vietnam offers all kinds of experiences to its visitors. Explore the historic old port of Hoi An and the royal pagodas and imperial cuisine of Hue. Walk through the stately French mansions in Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh city, visit the majestic inland karst mountains of Cao Bang and explore the reefs at the Con Dao islands. Spend a day at the backwaters of the Mekong Delta and kitesurf over the ocean at Mui ne. When you are done exploring the country, lie back at one of Vietnam’s outstanding spas, and think of the many tales you are taking home from the heady, intoxicating Vietnam.

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