20 Signs You Were Born to Travel

1. Your backpack and your passport are your favorite possessions (and everything you really need, the rest is unessential)


2. When at home, you find yourself daydreaming of your next getaway.


3. You are open to less-than-ideal situations such as hitchhiking and even sleeping on the streets. You embrace these experiences rather than cringe at the though of it.

Travel Woman


4. You want to try everything at least once.


5. You cringe when you see people carrying more than a small suitcase, because you know that carrying too much would only hold you down.


6. You feel deeply insulted when you read that most of the population doesn’t even own a passport.


7. Passport stamps are your favourite souvenirs. You love looking at them and they always make you a bit nostalgic.


8. You don’t just want to see a country, you also want to learn about it and experience it like a local.


9. You love meeting new people but are perfectly content with just sitting in silence by yourself (maybe with a good book and good music, too!)


10. You’ve slept at least once in any of these places: airport, bus station, train station.


11. You start planning your next trip DURING your current trip or even before you depart. “Okay, I guess if I’m able to save a little bit more and open up my schedule, I could probably spend a few days in Laos as well!)


12. You live by this quote: “I’d rather look back and say “I can’t believe I did that” than “I wish I had done that”.


13. You say no to those unnecessary stamps you get in places such as Machu Picchu, because you know you will eventually run out of space and getting a new passport when abroad is a pain in the ass.


14. You love meeting other travellers because you know they will understand your lifestyle unlike the people back home.


15. You would choose to couch surf over a five start hotel anytime, because you know the former will enable you to learn more about the place you’re visiting.


16. You have a story for every one of your scars/wounds and love to tell it. “Oh, this? Yeah, I got it when I tripped in Machu Picchu.”


17. When you’re back home, it’s only because you’re saving up for your next trip.


18. You have stopped planning too much because you know new opportunities might come up or someone might recommend and awesome place near your destination that you never even heard of before.


19. You have learned that hanging out with locals is the best way to fully get to know a place. In the end, they are the ones who know their cities the best!


20. You smiled and nodded when reading this

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