Explore Slovenian History in its Capital Ljubljana

Take one day from your holidays to explore the Slovenian history by visiting some of the museums located in Ljubljana. This route will take you through different historical times and events that had a significant effect on Slovenian development.


Start your day by visiting the National Museum of Contemporary History. The museum is located in the City Park Tivoli. It opens at 10:00, which gives you just enough time to take a morning walk through the park to get to it.



Continue your way to the National Museum of Slovenia, by taking a nice 20 to 30 minute walk through Tivoli City Park to reach it.



Another museum awaits you in the centre of Ljubljana. The City Museum of Ljubljana will take you through the history of the capital city of Slovenia. You will get a discount when you buy the combined ticket for the Archaeological Park Emona here.



Let’s continue exploring the Roman era by visiting the Archaeological Park Emona



After enjoying the Roman Ljubljana, continue to the medieval Ljubljana by visiting the Ljubljana castle.



You last stop, the Museum of Contemporary Art, gives you the chance to see the modern times art. This is a nice conclusion to the historic walk through the Slovenian history, as it gives you the insight on how important the events in ancient times influenced today’s artists.


  • One day
    15 km
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