January 29, 2022


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Swiss Castles With An Amazing View

Switzerland is well known for its breathtaking views. It is also known for its neutrality throughout the centuries which has enabled the country to preserve its old cities, strongholds, and castles. Most of the castles were built strategically using the landscape as an extra means of protection. Hills, lakes, mountains were the places that were easily defendable, and these were the places most of the Swiss castles were built upon. Nowadays, these castles provide amazing views over the cities, lakes, and fields of Switzerland.

1. Tarasp Castle

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Tarasp Castle”]
Located on the top of the hill in the village with the same name, this small castle was recently turned from a private castle into a popular tourist destination. You can see it from almost any location in Tarasp, so you cannot miss it. The castle overlooks the village surrounded by pine forest, providing the visitors with an amazing sight, spiced up with a bit of a medieval vibe.

2. Tourbillon Castle

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Situated on the top of the hill, this castle in Sion is a bit difficult to get to. The uphill road is narrow and steep, but well worth your time and effort. Even though this castle caught fire in the 18th century, its chapel remained intact, and its interior is a work of art. The view over the city of Sion is spectacular. Across tourbillon castle, there is another Sion’s hill, and if the weather is fine, you will get a clear view over the Valère Basilica.

3. Castle of Tour De Peilz

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It is a fortress lying on the Lake Geneva shore. It was proclaimed a historical monument in the 20th century, restored and opened for public. There are so many things to see or do at the Lake Geneva shore, and this is a great place to go to after you have had a picnic on the lake. Probably the best part of this Swiss castle is its tower which provides a breathtaking view over the Lake Geneva. It’s a one of a kind sight in the morning when the fog starts settling down on the undisturbed water surface.

4. Lenzburg Castle

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Being one of the oldest Swiss Castles, Lenzburg castle and museum has a lot to offer, so make sure you have plenty of time for exploring its crevices. Its interior is well preserved and will show you medieval luxury in its best form. The museum’s exhibitions are designed in a way that will draw in people of every age and make them stay a bit longer. Climbing the towers or walkways of this castle will give the visitors a picturesque view over the city of Lenzburg and distant hills and mountains. This view gets astonishing when the canola fields are in bloom, and the visitors get to see golden fields stretching out into the distance, as far as their sight can go.

5. Castillo de Sasso Corbaro

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Castillo de Sasso Corbaro”]
The youngest and the highest of the three Bellinzona’s castles, Sasso Corbaro It is built on a hill with which it shares its name. Temporary exhibits in this castle are always changing so there is plenty to see. Being the highest, this castle grants its visitors with a great view over the Bellinzona’s rooftops, and it is an absolutely breathtaking sight.

6. Munot Fortress

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This landmark of Schaffhausen built in the 16th century has almost a perfect ring shape, and numerous events are being held here throughout the year. You will be pretty lucky to attend one. What makes this castle even more beautiful is the view it provides. Panoramic view of Schaffhausen and Rhine is going to be the thing you will remember for a long time.

7. Meggenhorn Castle

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This hidden gem is located a stone’s throw away from Lucerne, and it is a great place you can go to if you want to warp up your visit to Lucerne. Surrounded by vineyards and a beautiful park, it is a perfect place for a family hike or a quick swim in the lake. If the weather is good, and the humidity is low, you will be given a view that is best described as “all in one”. Form this castle you can expect to see Mt. Pilatus, Mt. Rigi and more of Swiss Alps surrounding them. But do not think that’s all you can see from here. This castle also has a magnificent view over the Lake and city of Lucerne.