January 24, 2022


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Places in Switzerland Your Inner Nerd Will Fall in Love With | Switzerland Travel Guide

Do you have a particular Sphere of interest that other people find boring? Do you get overly excited when you read an article about the new DNA mapping methods or maybe it’s the exploration of Mars that get your neurons act like crazy? Well, no matter what gets you excited, if you happen to be in Switzerland, at least one of these places will get your inner nerd to come out, and let you see that there are others that share the same interests as you.

1. Technorama

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Technorama”]
This is the perfect place for all the tech- geeks out there. This science museum was founded in 1969, and in that time it had a different purpose. It is located in Winterthur, about 20km from Zürich. Over the years it has been converted into a science center and in 2012 it was rebuilt and expanded. It takes an important place in Swiss educational system, as most of the exhibitions here are interactive, and you can even take part in experiments in top- notch laboratories. Their official website will provide you with lots of useful information.

2. Landesmuseum Zürich

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Landesmuseum Zürich”]
If you like history, then your first stop should be the Swiss National Museum. It is right next to the Zürich main train station so you cannot miss it. In here you can see everything from prehistoric items, to some modern machines that were important in Swiss culture. Some of the exhibits that were amazing to me were interactive landscape of the Alps carved in granite, diorama of the Battle of Murten, and the breathtaking St. Galler Globe. The tickets are not pricy and the staff is friendly and welcoming.
TIP: Taking pictures is only allowed in the old part of this museum, if you accidentally take a picture in the new part, the staff will politely ask you not to do it anymore.

3. Ballenberg

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Ballenberg”]
Some might say this museum is not a big deal, but if you love history and architecture, one tour through this open- air museum will make you want to stay here forever. It is located in Hofstten (canton of Bern), and here you can see over 100 houses from various cantons all across the Switzerland. These houses are genuine and were all transported here, it is like having the whole Switzerland at one place.

4. Höllgrotten

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Höllgrotten”]
I mentioned architecture in the previous line, and there is one architect no one can beat- nature. In the canton Zug, municipality of Baar, hidden from the plain sight lies an entrance to the Hell Grotoes Caves. They are over 6000 years old, but very well lit, so you can see wonderful cave decorations and underground lakes.
TIP: If you have children or feel like one, get an audio guide at the entrance, and your cave exploring experience will be complete-  you will have a spirit named Tüüfeli guide you

5. HR Giger Museum

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”HR Giger Museum”]
If you are a fan of Alien franchise then head over to Gruyere where HR Giger’s museum is located. In this museum, everything is modeled in the artist’s peculiar style, and you can even see some of his conceptual artwork form his private collection. Next to the museum you can have a drink at Giger’s bar that designed in the same manner as the museum.
TIP: If you are nowhere near Gruyere and have no time to get to it, you can head over to Chur and visit yet another Giger’s bar (make sure to order the Alien’s Coffee, to make your experience complete)

6. Schachmuseum

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Schachmuseum”]
Opened by a private investor, this museum showcases more than 4000 interesting chess figures and over 900 chess games. Learn all about the history of chess and see the most amazing designer chess pieces made from different materials. Play against your friends or computer, trade chess related numismatic items and complete your collection here.

7. Einsteinhaus

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Einsteinhaus”]Bern is a wonderful town, but if all you can think of while enjoying the sight are protons, neutrons and other physics related things, then you should leave your friends and take a nice walk to Kamgasse 49. This address was once occupied by non-other that Albert Einstein himself and his family. See in what living conditions they have lived in and see some of his extraordinary work.
TIP: If this does not satisfy your nerdy needs, then head over to the Bern Historical Museum of Bern where you can see larger exhibition and learn about the history of Bern

8. Real Life Café

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Real Life Café”]
This humble café is not well known, and it is not a major touristic attraction. This humble café is a place to be for gamers and manga fans. Located in Zurich (Hirzelstrasse 18) it opens its doors on Friday from 18.00 till 22.30. It can seat up to 60 people and here you can exchange items and tips with fellow manga fans, make new acquaintances and be surrounded with people who share your passion

9. Frog Museum

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Frog Museum”]
One of a kind museum that exhibits hundreds of stuffed frogs. In the 19th Francois Perrien wanted to express his strange love for these little amphibians, He secretly began collecting frogs anywhere he went and late dissected the, filled them with sand and places in unusual positions (frog riding a squirrel, frogs playing cards…) You can find this museum in Estravager-le-Lac, and you should definitively visit it if you want to see creepy form dioramas reflecting everyday life.
TIP: This is one of the cheapest museums you can visit in Switzerland, with its entry fee of 5 CHF.

10. Zürich Zoo

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Zürich Zoo”]
Animal lovers should absolutely visit the Zurich Zoo which is a home to over 350 animal species. The living conditions are fine tuned to fit different animal’s need, and they have plenty of space, so sometimes you cannot even see them. In this zoo, you will see various exhibitions that will teach you the importance of recycling, and warn you about the decreasing number of lions worldwide. The most exciting attraction is the Mosoalo Rainforest, where you can see tropical animals in their natural habitat and explore tropical plants up-close.