Technology And Traveling – Celebration Of Togetherness

Are you facing difficulty in choosing the required electronics for your trip? Well, you are not alone. We have evolved from carrying cassette player, which was the extreme important gadget in the good old days. When you walk around and find yourself in a local coffee shop, you will feel that you have accidentally toppled into an electronic store. You find yourself in between laptops, tablets, smartphones, and, more importantly, gadgets with the glowing Apple symbol.


People often take a lot more technological devices than required for a trip. It is because they are unsure or unplanned. With several years invested into traveling, I give you the list of useful devices that work excellently and give you company throughout your journey.

1. Laptop


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With the increasing Wi-Fi hotspots becoming the realm of the modern world, carrying a laptop is a considerable choice. You can connect to the network from the available hotspots within your reach and always stay in touch with your family. You also have the opportunity to back up the photos that you clicked, without wasting a moment. It is further helpful if you wish to work online while you are traveling.


While you are considering a laptop, do not look at it as the critical part. Remember that you are traveling and you need to travel light. Find a lightweight and thin laptop that fulfills your basic requirements. You can look at ultrabooks that are thin and cost less. While choosing the laptop, do consider the size, the strength, inbuilt storage, battery backup, and card slots. Give importance to battery life and the presence of the card slot. You can quickly insert the SD card from your DSLR and begin backing up the photos instantly. The long battery life further provides you the chance to immerse in entertainment during the long flights. Start the search according to your budget and pick the right model. If you are unable to stretch the amount, consider a tablet.

2. Tablets


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If you are not working online, then consider a tablet, which works similar to that of a laptop. A tablet is smaller, lighter, and cheaper than a full-size laptop. As there are many models available in the market, and often every device fulfills your basic need. However, it is essential that you look for an economical value-for-money gadget. Do consider the platform and the availability of the apps. Currently, Android rules the globe. You can look for a Nexus 7 or Nexus 10. Additionally, you can also select a tablet based on your primary consumption, i.e., reading books, sending emails, watching movies, editing video, writing, etc. Make sure that the tablet has ample storage space and the option to add a microSD card.

3. Mobile/Smartphone

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A mobile or a smartphone is an important piece of technology that you should carry in your trip. While you are already using a smartphone, you do not need another one. You can easily store all your favorite music, photos, and other entertainment apps stores in the phone and microSD card. Even if you are using an older smartphone, you can continue to use it, as it will and for sure become the best traveling companion.


If you are looking to get a new device, then consider an unlocked version. It means that you can easily insert a prepaid SIM card and use it across the globe. You will be able to take the advantage of lower call prices and data packs. Do not by any mistake use your home number overseas. They charge exorbitantly, making calls and use of data highly expensive in roaming.


With the help of the unlocked version, you can pick a local SIM as soon as you land at your destination. You will find all the major telecom companies offering attractive packages to the traveler’s right at the airport. For any reason, if you have to travel with your current phone, which you could unlock, then turn off the mobile data to reduce the burden. Also, think about answering a call.


Having a smartphone is also advantageous. You can use it as a mini-computer, but also, stay connected. Download essential apps that will make your traveling easy. For instance, Skype, Google Translate, and TripIt are primary resources for a traveler. You can make free international calls via the Skype over Wi-Fi, use Google translate to knowing the meaning of a word or sentence, and TripIt to manage your entire travel bookings.

4. E-book reader


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Even if you love physical books, the experience that you receive when handling the Kindle is amazing. It is light, small, intuitive, and costs less. The better part is the availability of the books. With a simple monthly subscription, you get to download unlimited books from the Amazon store. You can read all you favorite books and even store them in your Kindle. There are numerous types available, and you can choose the right one for you depending on the requirement.

5. Data backup


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Too many travelers lost their data. Although it is possible to retrieve, the date becomes irreplaceable at times. A perfect way to avoid such instances is choosing a backup. With cloud applications becoming popular, you can use their advantage to uploading the shots that you clicked and other crucial information while you are continuing your journey. Although you can carry an external hard drive, you never know when the need arises.

6. Miscellaneous


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Of course, you would be taking all the travel adapters, chargers, and cables. Rather than taking a bunch of wires, which usually adds to the weight, consider universal power adapter and a four-way power outlet. Although a little expensive, you will save a lot more space than you could imagine, and there is also the loss in weight, which you could use intelligently in packing additional stuff needed for the trip.


Electing the right gadgets will not only make your traveling worthy but also efficient. Spend some time in accessing your requirements to choose the appropriate gear needed for your trip. You will spare a lot of disappointment when you are on the road.

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