Top 10 Cheap Countries to Visit Without Breaking The Bank

The world is a beautiful place and those who do not travel read only one page“, we’ve all heard that quote and while it holds some truth to it, we can’t deny that one of the first things that comes to mind when we think of travelling to a faraway foreign land is a huge dollar sign. However, many ignore that some destinations are quite cheap if you budget properly. In addition to choosing inexpensive destinations, read our guide on how to travel the world for cheap here. Without further ado, here is a list of our favorite destinations which we assure won’t break your bank account!

1. Peru

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

Peru is the land of gorgeous mountain ranges, incredible wildlife and ever-lasting jungles. On top of that, it houses one of the 7 New World Wonders. Surprisingly, it remains a cheap destination and a perfect getaway option for those who wish to spend their days amongst nature and gorgeous Colonial architecture. Your biggest expense might be Machu Picchu (and coming to Peru without stopping by is quite frankly a crime) as it has unfortunately been a bit exploited for tourism purposes.

2. Mexico

Photo Credit: UN Women

Gorgeous beaches, over 42000 archaeological sites holding history that still remains undiscovered, a paradise for foodies and the home to nine out of the eleven ecosystems of the world. This country truly has it all and it welcomes you to travel around its breath-taking landscapes and cultural heritage without spending much money.

3. Croatia

Photo Credit: Glen Scarborough

Croatia is a tiny country with a lot to offer. Gorgeous beaches, architecture and nature. A huge chunk of Croatia is made up of protected natural parks including forests, lakes, islands and peninsulas – A true heaven for nature lovers.

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4. Czech Republic

Czech Republic
Photo Credit: Thomas Depenbusch (Depi)

The home to Prague, one of the most visually-stunning cities in the world, and many otherworldly looking natural landscapes as well as villages, and a pretty uniquely (even creepily) decorated church, Czech Republic remains easy on the wallet despite its popularity as a tourist destination.

5. Guatemala

Photo Credit: Wikimedia

It doesn’t get more colorful and picturesque than Guatemala, with its beautiful Colonial secondary Capital, its impressive volcanoes, its people wearing traditional clothes making you feel as though you’ve travelled back in time, its archaeological sites including the iconic Tikal. Guatemala is a must for those wishing to get a taste of Latin America and a breathe to your wallet compared to its neighbor, Belize, especially for those who desire to take park in snorkeling or diving activities.

6. India

Photo Credit: Maxpixel

From the frozen ranges of the Himalayas, to the tropical beaches of Goa. A whirlwind of different cultures and a mind-stirring variety of people and traditions. India is a backpacker’s paradise as it encompasses most landscapes available in the world and you’ll feel as thought you haven’t simply travelled a country, but a full continent.

7. Bosnia and Herzegovina

Bosnia and Herzegovina
Photo Credit: Wikimedia

A Balkan wonderland of greenery on every corner decorated by crystal-clear turquoise rivers, picturesque rural towns and medieval castles and bridges. This tiny country with a turbulent past will delight your senses with its incomparable beauty.

8. Slovenia

Photo Credit: Pedro Szekely

Slovenia is often overshadowed by its Western neighbors such as Italy and Austria and many prefer to skip it when travelling the area. My advice? Don’t. Slovenia is full of history, kind people, lush natural landscapes, iconic historical castles in at their fullest glory including the classic Lake Bled and the best of all is that you will not spend much while here.

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9. Vietnam

Photo Credit: Rawpixel

Exoticness in its fullest glory – Vietnam is a country full of culture, history, lush limestone landscapes (alliteration unintended), scrumptious food (bonus points if you’re a vegetarian – your taste buds will gratify here!), rapidly booming cities, tuk tuks (because they’re always fun), and a delight to travel independently by hopping on a scooter and feeling the wind against your skin while you pass through ravishing sceneries.

10. Bulgaria

Photo Credit: Dennis Jarvis

Spectacular mountain ranges, dramatic Black Sea coastlines, unique traditions and a myriad of historical buildings. All in one. Bulgaria is a true paradise for budget travellers yet it is often overlooked for those passing through Europe and even the Balkans.

In no particular order, these are our favourites but we are sure we’ve left out some. What are your favourite budget friendly destinations? Let us know by leaving a comment in the section below. We’d love to hear about your travel experiences!

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