Ten Places in Bulgaria Known Only to Locals

1. Village Jeravna

Village Jeravna is a place where the time has stopped. All buildings in the village are ancient. Everything has been kept in the same condition in which they were created. Most buildings have been there for more than 100 years. Tourist in Village Jeravna can try all the food specialties that are typical for Bulgaria. Even the food is cooked in the same way in which people were cooking 100 years ago, which brings an unique taste of the food. There is no other place in the country in which people can try typical Bulgarian food and see how a community can save the ancient look of their village.

2. Karandila Lift

This is one of the most beautiful lifts in Bulgaria. It is close the city of Sliven. The lift takes the visitors from the city to the top of the mountain. On the top of the mountain people can see clearly in the distance, in a normal day we can see up to 300 km in the distance. The ride on the lift takes around 30 minutes in one way. The place is not really popular unless you are from the area or from city of Sliven. On the top of the mountain you can visit the so called Blue Rocks.

3. Town of Melnik

The town of Melnik is probably the only museum in the world that is in the same time a town. Even if it sounds weird the whole town is a museum and is protected by UNSECO. The town is situated far away from the big cities and the roads which can take you there are not in a great condition. The town is build inside rocks and there are plenty of Spa hotels which have clear hot water coming from inside the rocks. This is a great place for people who enjoy the calm atmosphere of the mountains.

4. Shipka Church

It is impossible to find this church unless you are from the area. The cubes of the church are made of pure gold, in the name of the Russian soldiers who helped in the Independence War of Bulgaria. There is a proverb that says that every believer in God must visit this place. There is a special atmosphere around the place and everyone who had visited the place says that there is something special in this place. The church is hidden in the mountains and if you do not go to the village there is no way to see it from the highway.

5. Nos Kaliakra

One of the best places in the coast area of Bulgaria. There are plenty of myths for the place, from ancient Greek mythology stories to alien invasions. Some stories say that the place is made by the Greek Gods in order for them to enjoy Black Sea. Other stories say that the place is developed by aliens. The truth is that Nos Kaliakra offers amazing views. The place is home of Rock Festival that is famous for the people from the area. This is definitely a place which is not part of the Tour Guide Companies, but in the same time is a place that must be visit while someone is in Bulgaria.

6. Fortress Asen

The fortress is kept in basically the same condition as it was build. The place is build by the ancient Bulgarian from 1231 after Christ. Even with the fact that Bulgaria was ruled by the Ottoman Empire, the place was never captured. This is way the Ottomans could not destroy it and the Bulgarians saved it as a monument. Nowadays the place is hidden in the small city of Asenovgrad. The city is situated in south Bulgaria with a population of less than 40 000 people. There is no major highway going around the city and this is way the place does not receive a huge amount of visitors.

7. Balkanci View

This is probably the least famous place on this list. The place is so not popular that even people from the nearby cities are not familiar with it. It had been built before around 10 years. Next to this view there is a small family hotel and restaurant. The panorama is built on the top of the mountain and from it you can see basically everything on a radius of few hundred kilometers. The nearest city to this panorama is Gabrovo, which is 25 km away and the road to Balkanci is in a really bad condition. This place is definitely going to become famous because of the view which it offers.

8. Cave Ledenika

Bulgaria is full of caves, but this one is definitely beautiful. There are plenty of amazing views inside of it. The cave has a permanent temperature during the whole year. Ledenika cave, just like most of the places on this list is hard to be found because of the bad roads and the fact that it is situated high in the mountains. The cave is so beautiful that plenty of Bulgarian drawers had made drawings of it. This is one of the places that must be visit and it cannot be described with words.

9. Monastery Basarbovski

This is a monastery built by the monks. They carved the rock situated south of City of Ruse with bare hands. Nowadays the place is popular only for people from Ruse. Most of them visit it every Sunday. The place is perfect for relax. The story says that monks from Bulgaria, Romania and Russia helped to build the Monastery. Just next to the place is River Lomski. The monks living in the monastery are not allowed to leave the complex and they eat food that is donated from the visitors.

10. Beglik Tash

This is the most mysterious place on this list. This amazing place was founded just a couple of years ago. During the communism in Bulgaria, which felt in 1989, the place was hidden from the regular citizens. The reason was that nobody had an explanation of how these rocks got into this place. Beglik Tash is situated on the shore of Black Sea and many people believe that ancient civilizations or aliens are responsible for the creation of this place. All kind of rock can be seen in Beglik Tash. It is open for visitors since few years.


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