Ten Places in Russia Known Only to Locals

The House of Agriculture is actually the Tatarstan Department of Food  and Agriculture. You can see snow leopards statues, because this is the symbol of Republic of Tatarstan which is part of Russia. For many people this places is not really popular, especially if you are not from Russia. House of Agriculture in Kazan is one of the most beautiful buildings in modern Europe.

The city of Omsk is located in Siberia. One of the most interesting things in this big Russian city is the Achairsky Monastery which offers amazing background. The Monastery is another symbol of the Russian Christianity. If you ever go as far as Omsk than you must visit Achairsky.

The Monument of Salavat Tulaev is located in the Russian city of Ufa. It represents the coat of arms of Bashkorostan. The bronze statue that is almost 10 meters tall had been created in 1967. This dedication to Salavat Yulaev is placed on the top of the hill, which makes it look even more impressive. A must destination if you go around Ufa.

Kazan is one of the cities in Russia with the highest number of Muslims. Kul Sharif is the most beautiful mosque in Russia and for many people it looks better than some mosques in the Arab world. This 4 Minaret mosque was opened in 2005.

Locals now it as the “Red Church” or Irkutsk. This church is the prefect choice if you want to see a typical Christian Orthodox Church. The worship place was open in 1892. The building is so amazing that it seems like photoshoped. During the night, when the lights are on the church turns into the most beautiful place in the city.

Kuybyshev was the name of the nowdays city of Samara. The main square in the city holds the previous name of this city. Until 1991 Samara was called Kuybyshev. The street is amazingly beautiful, as well as the whole city of Samara. If you want to visit calmer Russian cities and if you want to check something different than the typical tourist destinations than go to Samara.

This huge monument is made because of the nuclear physicist Igor Kurchatov. The statue is spectacular and huge. If any of you visit the city of Chelyabinsk, please go there and see the wonderful statue of Kurchatov. The Institute in the city also hold the name of Kurchatov

Russky Bridge is an example of the modern architecture of Russia. This stunning bridge connects the main part of Vladivostok to Ruskky Island. The bridge is basically new, since it was opened in 2012. This massive bridge has 4 lines for the cars. If you want to see how small a human can be go and visit Russky Bridge in Vladivostok.

St. John the Baptist Church which is based in Yaroslavl is one of the masterpieces of the Russian architecture. This Christian Orthodox church was built in 1671 in the richer part of the city. The church surrounding area provides amazing view for the tourists.

The cathedral is in typical Gothic-style because of the fact that until 1945 the city was part of Germany. In 1945 the Soviet Union renamed the city from Konigsberg to Kaliningrad. This place is dedicated to the Virgin Mary and is a must for every tourist in Kaliningrad.

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