Ten Places in Serbia Known Only to Locals

Another Serbian monument that is built in memory of the World War II victims. The sculpture had been created in 1963 in Kragujevac, Serbia. The place will be a must for every historian.

Probably one of the top waterfalls in Serbia. The waterfall is situated just few kilometers away from the city of Zlatibor. The name of the waterfall comes from the nearby village of Gostilje. One of the places that cannot be described with words, you should just see it. If you want to relax, this is your place

Bubanj Memorial Park is dedicated to the World War II victims. The statues are actually the three fists of the mom,dad and kid. On this place the Nazi’s killed more than 20 000 people.

Medijana is another interesting ruin from the Roman ages. It is located in one of the bigger cities of Serbia – Nis. People believe that Medijana used to be residence of Constantine the Great. It was built around year 300. The ruins cover area of around 350 000 square meters. Interesting place for history lovers!

One of the best central squares in East Europe. This stunning street in based in Novi Sad, Serbia. Svetozar Miletic Square is perfect for every tourist who wants to feel the athmosphere of Serbia and the Serbians. There is a big Catholic Cathedral on this square. The statue on this streets is also spectacular and if you go there you must take picture with Svetozar Miletic.

This forest is one of the most beautiful ones in Serbia. There are amazing hills, stunning trees and plenty of interesting views. The area is perfect for tourists who love walking and spending time in the nature.

There are amazing views and than there is Banjska Stena view. In my opinion this is the best place in Serbia that a tourist can visit. You can visit Banjska Stena by car or walking up the hill.

Religion had always been important in Serbia. There are plenty of churches around Serbia that deserved to be seen. The church in Vrnjacka Banja looks spectacular and is a must for every foreigner. The pride of Vrnjacka Banja is the city church

Roman Empire architecture is always fascinating. There are plenty of such ruins in East Europe. Historians believe that the place was built in the 4 Century BC. There are not much things to see around Zajecar, Serbia unless you are interested in archeology.

Caves are typical for the Balkan Region. Serbia is one of the countries in the Balkans that is full with beautiful caves. Stopica Cave is situated in the Dinaric Alps. Limestone type of caves are always fascinating for tourists. This place deserves your attention if you like to explore such kind of places. The Zlatibor Region is calmer than the bigger cities regions and in this way it is perfect for the tourists who prefer nature attractions.


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