Ten Places in Turkey Known Only to Locals

Based just next of one of the major tourist destitantion of Turkey (Antalya), Cirali Beaches offer lifetime kind of experience. Many people believe that the ancient Gods of Olymp were relaxing at Cirali Beaches. If you want to feel like ancient Greek God than you should visit this Turkish beach. Everyone in the world knows Antalya, but not everyone wants to share beach with thousands of people. If you prefer calmer beaches than you must go to Cirali which is just few kilometers away from the busy Antalya.

The town of Oludeniz is based in South Turkey. This stunning bay has extremely pure waters. The place is safe and it is wonderful destination for families with small kids. The town has some nice resturants that offer wonderful food. Everyone should spent at least a day at Oludeniz beaches. On top of the stunning beaches you can also see the Babadag Mountains.

This old city is based just next to Altinbasak, Turkey. The village was build in the 9th century BC. If you want to see how the ancient people were living, you must go to this place. Still not popular enought but a MUST for every historian. The town is located in south Turkey.

The old city of Mardin, Turkey looks amazing. Most tourists say that the pictures and the atmosphere of the city is more similar to fantasy movie than to reality. This ancient city had been part of the Kurdish, Arab, Assyrian and Ottoman Empires.

City of Sanliurfa is situated in South Turkey. Locals believe that the city is more than 10 000 years old. The whole city is based on the Mesopotamian style. There are plenty of sightseeings in the city which has more than 500 000 people population. Tourists must try the amazing Turkish food in Sanliurfa.

Ordu is a beautiful city in north Turkey. The city is located on the shore of Black Sea. Not many tourists visit this place because it is far away from the major Turkish cities. The most amazing thing in Ordu is the lift that goes over the city. It is an interesting thing to do if you like lifts.

The village is basically known only to the locals. The whole town has stone houses and stone paved roads. The architecture is Roman because of the fact that the village used to be ruled by the Romans. It is not hard to get to Alacati because it is only around 20 km away from one of the major cities of Turkey – Izmir.

Probably the oldest Christian Monastery in Southeast Europe. Currently the monastery is basically abandoned. The Monastery is based on the cliffs above the Turkish city of Trabzon which is located on the shore of Black Sea. This monument is a MUST for everyone who visits Turkey. On the other side it is not that popular among tourists.

The stone statues of Nemrut are based in Eastern Taurus mountain range in East Turkey. The statues are built by King Antiochos of Commagene before more than 2000 years. The statues are pretty much on the top of the mountain and it is hard to get to this place without a tourguide. The statues are 40 km away from the city of Kahta, Turkey.

Akdamar Church is ancient Armenian cathedral in East Turkey. The church is based in the Akdamar Islands, in the Lake Van. This beautiful sightseeing had been restored by the Turkish government in 2005.  The original church was built in the 10th century. The Armenian Orthodox people were living in this area back in the past. Nowadays the Turkish government restored the church so they can lower the pressure between the two governments.



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