Ten Things to do in Berlin that Only Locals Know

Cheap eats are an essential while living in Berlin. All the locals know how prices can waver from neighbourhood to neighbourhood for our beloved street food. The key is to know where you can get the best, for the least. At Restaurant Al-Rahme you can get 50 cent falalfel or 1 euro Shawarma wraps to go, all day, every day. They have three locations situated in Neukölln, so if  you’re on your way to Templehof, Hasenheide, Weserstrasse or the many other wonders of Neukölln you know where to go!Karl-Marx-Strasse 194, 12055 Berlin


With thousands of tourists and new comers driving over it everyday very few people know that within Schlesisches Tor Ubahn station is a night club and live music venue! There are regular concerts there and the venue is great! With large windows and high ceilings, true to the historic layout of the train station. The website is easy to check for concert listings if you’re interested in hearing local music and meeting other musicians!



Anyone visiting Berlin in the summer will notice that it can get pretty hot! Not to mention sticky and stinky! With many of our swimmable lakes being a bit of a commute, and the thought of swimming in the spree leading to you growing a third arm, locals in the centre of the city have turned to our public pools. These aren’t the public pools you went to as a kid… These are parties stocked with multiple bars, djs and food! Generally a 5-10 euro entry to get in, it’s well worth it to cool off and meet some locals.




There’s not much I need to say here… We’re talking 1 euro Tequila and 1 euro Tacos on Tuesday evenings. The place can get pretty busy so I suggest going early to get a table, and if people are already waiting that means you need to find a waitress and put your name on a waiting list (insider tip). Often there will be people playing live music while you eat and once you get a seat the service is quick and the food is delicious!



If it’s summer time there is always an Open Airs set going on! Often free and a bit hidden, Open Airs are live dj sets and parties that take place outside. They’re perfect for a mid afternoon rave or a heavy set at night. There are multiple Facebook pages that list where they are happening and when. Sometimes locations are only revealed at the last minute to ensure they don’t get shut down. Check out the Open Airs Berlin Facebook page and events for more information!




Urban Spree is a beautiful art gallery, night club and beer garden. Surrounded by a multitude of dilapidated buildings turned into bars and clubs.  You can find everything in it’s vicinity: food trucks, pop up shops, local underground street art, parties… you name it!




Thai Park is a weekend pop up that takes place at Preussen Park . It’s a local food market where berliners have access to delicious home cooked Thai food, fresh made cocktails and traditional massages under an array of colourful umbrellas. You can find people enjoying the park for hours, relaxing, partying and enjoying good food, company and drinks.





A slightly more local market than it’s competitors. Boxhagener Platz hosts a flea market every sunday. The stalls hold everything, from small trinkets and obscure pictures of long passed people to cheap clothing, artistic light fixtures and paintings. The market itself is surrounded by many local Friedrichshain food places and shops. It’s easy to find family friendly places to hang out, or young people partying from the night before.



This lake is still fairly close to the city, situated in Wedding! Google the location beforehand because there will be no signs pointing you in the right direction! It’s a small lake near the Rehberg Public Park with multiple small beaches and boat rentals but known to locals as a place for spontaneous raves and socialising in the sun.



Klunkerkranich is a rooftop bar on the top of the Neukolln Arcaden. To find it you can follow the spray painted foot steps after you take the elevator as far as you can go! Not only can you overlook the entire city but in the winter you can cosy up with homemade Gluhwein or in the summer you can laid out on the massive patio soaking up the sun! Often entry fee is free or very little and there is always a dj playing a night!


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    Restaurant Al-Rahme
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