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The Best Cities In Sweden

Whenever you are planning a travel, there are two ways to organize a trip – you can go for an impromptu tour with minimal planning and simply explore the places and get lost in the beauty of them. The other way is to research and plan everything meticulously so that you can have a clear picture of which places to go and what to see. This way you are bound to have a much more organized trip and you are least likely to miss out on the top attractions.
If Sweden is the country which seems to be on your bucket list and you would like to plan a trip to this European paradise, here is a rundown of the top cities in Sweden and what makes them so special.

1. Stockholm

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The capital city of Sweden, Stockholm is definitely the prime attraction of the country. This city breathes modernity and at the same time, the tranquillity, peace, and serenity are definitely going to relax you in a way only a few other things can. It is the biggest cities of Sweden but the natural beauty is going to blow you away.
If you are looking for the top attractions in the city, we recommend taking a visit to the Vasa museum, the royal palace, and ABBA the museum as well. For those who would like some adrenaline junkie activities, go to the Grona Lund amusement park.

2. Uppsala

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This city is mainly for the youngsters and those who are party animals. Known for its hip and happening nightlife, it is primarily a university town and you can find a lot of students hopping in and around the city.
If you are a lover of art and architecture, we recommend visiting the Uppsala cathedral which dates back to the 13th century and has a gothic touch to it. The Linnaeus Museum and Linnaeus Garden are other things to watch out for.
Apart from this, the city buzzes with some of the best bars and restaurant and is in the true sense a foodie’s delight.

3. Malmo

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If you are not a fan of extreme weather, this is surely the city to visit. It has moderate weather almost all round the year and is located very close to Copenhagen if you would like an extended visit. This city offers the artistic blend of old and new. You can find some old castles that are a heritage of the city and even the magnificently modernized waterfront as well.
The tallest building in Scandinavia can be found twisting its way up the sky as it gazes at the Oresund Bridge which is another key attraction point of the city. These are both the marvels of modern engineering and shows how fast the city is catching up.

4. Gothenburg

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The second largest city of Sweden after Stockholm, this is a quiet city which isn’t always flooded with too many tourists. A lot of travelers tend to skip it, but if you are looking for a quiet place with lots to offer, this is the right spot on the map to take a detour. The Liseberg amusement park is located right here and the head-spinning rides will definitely give you a lot to cheer about.
For the art lovers, the Gothenburg Museum of art is the place to be as the impressive Nordic collections will leave you in awe. You can also go on a safari through the rainforest and even take a waterside city tour on the Paddan boat.

5. Lund

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Located at the southern tip of Sweden, it is known to be one of the most picturesque cobblestoned towns with promising views. Do not miss out the Lund cathedral which has been built in the Romanesque style and dates back to a lot of centuries ago. There are open-air museums which have some of the famous replicas of buildings that hail from the medieval period.
It is the second oldest city of Sweden and you can find too many beech trees and the architectural magnificence is stupendous, to say the least. Like most other cities in Sweden, you will find an array of museums and gardens which you can explore.
These are the top cities in Sweden which you should not miss out on. Of course, as a traveler, it is hard to see everything, but if you have ample time on hand, visit all these five cities and have a trip you will surely remember. The true charm of Sweden lies in ties laidback style and the quaint little streets except for some loud hip-hop party joints.
So choose your mood, set the tone and then take a stroll. We are sure you will come back with too many memories and a trip you are never going to forget.

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