January 29, 2022


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The Best Offbeat Places To Unwind Yourself When Backpacking To Sweden

Whenever you have a travel plan lined up, one of the first things you need to worry about has to be the accommodation. Of course, we are all worried about where we will stay, is the hotel good enough, what would be the charges, what are the nearby areas, is it conveniently located, how far would it be from the city, is the locality safe enough, is there shopping arenas nearby, would I get a bus easily and so on and so forth.
So, in order to help you get rid of all these nagging doubts, we have compiled for you the best list of possible hotels you could chill at. But, to help you have a vacation to remember, we are compiling a list of offbeat places to unwind because you want your stay to be insta-perfect after all, don’t you?

1. Falknastet

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Ever fancied staying in a lighthouse? The mere thought might give you both the chills and the excitement. The Kullen lighthouse which is located on the peninsula of Kullaberg is definitely the key highlights of Sweden. It is the highest standing lighthouse and at its very foot, you will find a one-room hotel. Yes, stay here could be scary but for a newlywed couple smitten in love, the view and the ambiance could be perfect for the intense passionate romance.

2. Salt and Sill

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How about being eerily close to the sea? The salt and sill is a hotel with amazing proximity to the sea. It is actually a floating hotel which makes use of minimalistic design. There are six two-story houses that combine together to form this permanently moored hotel on a tiny fishing island. No doubt, you will have the experience to remember and views to die for!

3. Kolarbyn Ecolodge

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If you are an adventure lover, this one is for you. Do not expect the best of amenities but the mere design and the overall feel of this unique hotel is going to have you hooked. There are twelve cabins each of which are covered in both mud and grass. You will also find a maze of blueberries growing from the roofs too.
Merely a two-hour drive from Stockholm, this is the lodge where you can experience true serenity, peace, and calmness like never before. Also, keep an eye on the rich wildlife of Sweden.

4. Treehotel

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Tree houses have always managed to thrill travelers because the experience of a tree hotel is mesmerizing. The Treehotel in Sweden is actually a tree house that has been turned into a boutique hotel. So you can have the adventure blended with the luxury and there isn’t anything you can really ask for further.
Some of the best architects were hired for this hotel and the design is impeccable and contemporary. Those who stay here get an unadulterated view of the natural beauty of Sweden. Located outside of Lulea, up north, the Treehotel is one of the finest ways to experience Sweden in its rustic charm while still enjoying the luxuries that make your stay comfortable and pleasant.

5. Utter Inn

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Utter Inn”]
This is a floating cottage which is located in Lake Malaren, just outside Vasteras. The hotel is actually underwater as you will only find the cooking facilities above the water level.
There are panoramic windows to give you a glimpse of the underwater world. During the period from April to October, this hotel enjoys massive popularity and there are too many people who flock together to book a room here.
The reason for the rush is mainly the scintillating experience and the mesmerizing underwater views.

6. Icehotel

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Icehotel”]
Imagine a hotel that is built every year or at least it was done so. Before November 2016, the ice hotel located in Jukkasajarvi used to melt during every summer and then it was made once again during the winters. Travellers queued up to book a room at the hotel.
However, now arrangements have been made to use solar panels to harvest the energy which prevents the ice from meting even during the summer months. There are artists who end up decorating the interiors of the hotel marvelously and the art exhibition is one of the best you could ask for.  No doubt, it makes for a special stay.

7. Make your own tent

Photo by Mads Boedker on Foter.com
Photo by Mads Boedker on Foter.com

For those on a shoestring budget and even the ones who like to be their own planner, Sweden allows you to put your own tent anywhere in the middle of nature. The only thing you have to keep in mind is that you should steer clear of private property, houses of people and from the farmland as well. This way you can save your bucks and have your own hotel to yourself. Of course, you lose out on the amenities, but then one has to make a trade-off at the end, isn’t it?
With these many options at your hand, which of these offbeat choices is the one that appeals to you the most?