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The Weirdest Items Left Behind In Hotel Rooms

Have you ever left anything behind in a hotel room? If you have, then perhaps you’ve had to face the embarrassing reality that a member of hotel staff has found your underwear, childhood teddy or dirty socks left behind when they were cleaning up. You might have even had to call up and ask to come and collect your forgotten items if they were particularly important to you.


But lucky for you, we’re about to make you feel a whole lot better about yourself! While you might think that leaving your pants behind is the worst thing you could do, hotel staff across the nation have actually had to face a whole range of strange and unexplainable items in their hotel rooms, discovering everything from parrots to prosthetic limbs that have been left behind.


So next time you leave something in your hotel room, try not to be too hard on yourself because chances are the staff has already seen a lot worse. has done some research to reveal some of the weirdest items that hotel staff has found over the years and we have questions… so many questions!


Don’t forget your pet

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We can all be a bit forgetful from time-to-time, but have you ever taken your pet on holiday and come home without them? We didn’t think so! But clearly there are some very careless pet owners out there as hotel staff has found the following left behind in their rooms:



We’re all falling apart!

Sgt Ian Forsyth, via Wikimedia Commons


You’d be surprised how many people have left body parts (yep, you read that right) and other people behind in their hotel room. We know it seems crazy, but these are just some of the people and their body parts that have been found after check-out:



Don’t worry about the money

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Typically, when you buy or receive something that is very expensive you want to take care of it, right? Well, clearly money is no object for some hotel guests as the staff has found some pretty pricey items left behind in their rooms. One thing’s for sure, if we owned any of these items, we’d certainly double check we had them before leaving the hotel room:



It’s just a piece of paper

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You’ve probably got a good filing system at home for all your important documents, and if you ever take these out of the house you probably place them in a bag or folder for safekeeping. But this isn’t always the case with some of the more absent-minded guests who have left pretty important documentation behind in hotels. We can only assume that they left in a hurry after leaving these in their room:



Food, drink and other liquids

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You might have bought yourself some snacks for your room, or perhaps you’ve chosen a bottle of your favorite bubbly for a celebration. These are all pretty normal things to do in a hotel room. However, the staff has been left baffled by some of the food, drink and other liquids they’ve found left behind in the past. We sure can’t explain how anyone could forget these (or why they even had them there in the first place):



It’s a piece of history

Auckland Museum, via Wikimedia Commons


Much like you’d protect an expensive item or important document, you think you’d keep track of your historic artifacts too, right? Yet guests have left behind these invaluable and incredibly fascinating items – why did they even take these to a hotel in the first place?



Keep your pants on

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As we said, you might have been feeling rather silly having left an item of clothing behind in a hotel room. You might have just been frustrated because it was one of your favorites. But when it comes to weird and downright confusing clothing being left after check-out, these guys take the title: 



Miscellaneous madness

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Finally, there are some strange, forgotten items that don’t fall into any of our categories above but are certainly strange enough to land themselves on this list. Below are some of the random miscellaneous things that have been found in hotel rooms and we just can’t seem to figure out how or why:



Are you feeling better about your forgetful mishap now?


If you ever leave something you deem embarrassing behind in a hotel room, just think about all these weird and wonderful items that hotel staff has been faced with in the past. Let’s face it as long as you haven’t left behind a pet, a relative, a body part, an insanely expensive item or something as bizarre as eight baskets of wooden spoons, then we say don’t worry about it! Alternatively, if you’ve recognized something on this list as your own – we have so many questions for you.

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