The world is pretty used to travellers at this point. Interview with Candice Walsh

1. When did you first start travelling and which is your favourite travel memory?


I actually never even left my home province until I was 21, and then I took a trip abroad to the

UK to study in England. My favourite travel day EVER was a stand-up paddle experience in

Sligo, Ireland. It was the stuff dreams are made of (with a considerable amount of Guinnss).



2.What is your favourite travel movie/song/book? Any traveller – dead or alive – who

inspired you to travel in the first place?


My favourite travel book is “In Patagonia” by Bruce Chatwin. It’s the first bit of travel writing I

ever read, and it made quite the impression.


3.How do you fund your travels?


I’m a freelance writer, so basically I work for nothing (just kidding sort of not really). I’m also a

copy writer, and my travel blog brings in some income. I’ve even transcribed interviews for

major televison shows.


4.What do you focus on while travelling to a new place – people, culture, attractions, food, adventure, or nature?


I love it all! But I do love getting a little off-grid the most. I love nature. The hardest thing about

living in Berlin is not being near the ocean.


5.What is the longest you have travelled for? What advice would you give to travellers

thinking of long‐term travel but are hesitant to go ahead?


My current journey living abroad in Berlin for a year is my longest trip so far, actually!

It’s been a little rough – Christmas is coming up and it’s my first year away from home.

But it’s a lot easier than you think it is, honestly. The world is pretty used to travellers at

this point.




6.What is that one destination in your list that you are dying to go to and why?


I really want to hit up Indonesia. I’m into beaches and volcanoes, and I kinda hate

being cold…which is funny because I always seem to be in cold places.


7.Is there a place you’d never go to? Why?


I’d say Somalia is pretty high there, because I don’t wanna die.


8.What are your upcoming travel plans?


I really want to make the most of my time in Germany, so I’ll be doing various short trips

around the country this year. I want to go to Hamburg, and then Dresden. I’ll be hiking Camino

de Santiago in April, and then doing a month long trip around Italy, followed by a 10-day hiking

trip in the Dolomites. I want to spend a week or two in Poland as well, and a quick trip to

Denmark with a friend. I’m all over the place!




9.What has been your favourite destination? Why?


I’m in love with Sligo, Ireland. I have a little family there. I have a place. Plus it’s

beautiful—lots of coastlines, mountains, and lush Irish countryside.


10.Do you travel full time? Or do you take breaks in between?


I like slow travel. I don’t feel you can get to know a place without spending a fair amount of

time there.



11.We know that travel affects our lives in many positive ways, but no one ever talks about the negative side of it (i.e. relationships can suffer, etc). Has travelling affected your life negatively in any way?


It hasn’t really affected me negatively, but I have missed out on some important family

moments, like my grandfather passing away last year and my uncle passing away this year.

It’s always a little rough.




12.Where have you visited so far?


I’ve visited 30 countries so far! Not a lot compared to some bloggers, but I tend to travel slow.

My favourite destinations so far have been in the Balkans.


13.What is the most challenging aspect of travel in your opinion?


I’m pretty shy and quiet, believe it or not. I’m not very good at speaking up for myself. It’s hard

when you’re in a foreign country and you’re not really sure what’s going on.


14.There are many ways to travel: from staying in luxurious resorts to hitchhiking and living off the grid. How do you travel?


I like a combination of everything! Resorts for true unplugged vacations, Couchsurfing and

hostel stays for fun trips, Airbnb rentals for longer stays. I usually travel with a landscape in

mind, though. I’m happiest when I’m among nature.


15.Is it on your plans to settle down somewhere in the future and stop travelling as much?


I’ll likely always go back to Newfoundland. It’s in my blood!



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