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Prekmurje is located in the Northeast part of Slovenia, close to the Croatian and Hungarian borders. It is one of the least visited parts of Slovenia, although it offers a lot of activities, such as thermal water spas, bicycling and walking routes, and also a lot of opportunities to explore cultural and natural attractions.


Prekmurje could be translated into English as “the land over Mura”, as river Mura is one of the main features of this location. Mura had and still has a huge influence on everyday life of local residents. Water here created the perfect conditions for farming and agriculture, which were very important throughout history.


Fresh, local products are the still the main stars of local dishes. Visitors can choose from diverse dishes with red paprika, buckwheat, poppy, squash and squash oil, from red and sweet white wines and from many homemade desserts, such as Prekmurska Gibanica (Over Mura Moving Cake).


Prekmurje consist mostly of flat land with some short hills, diverse lakes, huge forest areas and meadows. Not many cities developed in this area, and the biggest cities now are Murska Sobota (around 13,000 residents) and Lendava (around 3,500 residents). Apart from those cities you will find many small villages and towns, with authentic local feel and traditions, and locals still living in the style of past centuries.


However, there are also quite a few touristic places in Prekmurje. Most of the visitors come to Prekmurje because of the healing spas with thermal water. You will find some of the most well known spas in this part of Slovenia: Terme Lendava, Terme Vivat, Terme 3000, Zdravilišče Radenci and Terme Banovci. The best way to start your vacation in Prekmurje is to book a room in one of great hotels located close to those spas.


No matter which part of Prekmurje you choose for your stay here, you will always find many activities and attractions nearby. There won’t be room for boredom. Numerous bicycling and hiking routes, leading to diverse natural and cultural attractions awaits. Stunning nature, unusual bird species, small animals and interesting cultural attractions will make your time here unforgettable.


My favourite weekend getaway in Prekmurje usually starts in one of the apartments around Terme 3000 or Terme Vivat, which are located very close to each other. I would recommend you to take at least one afternoon to discover the Natural Park Goriško where you will find diverse natural and cultural attractions.


The most stunning attraction in Nature Park Goriško is the Castle Grad. This is one of the biggest castles in Slovenia. It is located in the peaceful nature and can be easily accessed by bicycle or car.




Another great attraction in Prekmurje is the Bukovnica Lake with Energy Spot Park and Adrenaline park. It’s a great trip for families and nature lovers.



If you have some extra time, you can also plan a trip to Lendava or to Murska Sobota. These are quite charming little towns despite their limited attractions to offer.

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