Things To Do In Zakopane With Kids

1. Tatra Mini Golf


The Tatra Mini golf located on Gubałówka mountain above Zakopane provides a completely outstanding experience for the entire family. Whether you are an experienced player or it is your first time playing, you will have a good time in an amazing scenery, far away from the city noise. The Mini golf course has 18 holes in two difficulty levels and it’s family friendly. All clubs and other equipment are safe for kids. A great idea for all rivalry lovers!


2. Park Linowy Złota Grań Gubałówka


A family friendly rope course with paintball and a shooting range. You can leave your children with highly-qualified instructors, on two special trails built specifically for kids, so they can zip, slide and climb in a safe environment and at their own pace. At the time parents can use more demanding trails, play paintball or try their shooting skills. The place is located 60 meters from the last station of The Gubałówka Hill Funicular and it’s open all year round.


3. Aqua Park Zakopane


Located 15 minutes from the city center aqua park is the great alternative for those, who don’t wanna drive far away from the city or their budget is a bit smaller. Aqua Park Zakopane has multiple water attractions like a wild river and 5 different slides. The complex of pools with thermal water is not only fun, but it’s also good for health.


4. Zjeżdżalnia Grawitacyjna


A 750 meters long gravitation slide on Gubałówka mountain, is a must-visit attraction in Zakopane, both for kids and adults. It is located on the hillside, so during the ride, you can enjoy the amazing view on Tatra mountains. The trolleys can speed up to 20 km per hour, giving you the real thrill. Because of the speed, little kids can’t slide without an adult. The slide is open from the end of April until the end of November. Ten slides cost 10 euro, but it’s definitely worth it.


5. Zatorland


A complex of amusement and educational parks located in Zator, a little town two hours away from Zakopane. You and your kids will have a chance to see the park of animatronic dinosaurs, with more than 100 moving creatures, enjoy the adventure in the park of mythology with flying Dedalus and Icarus, Zeus hurling thunderbolts, Achilles fighting with Hector and much more. The park of insects, the park of fables, GoKart trail and much more. All parks are open from April through October.


6. Dom do góry nogami


An upside-down house located 5 minutes away from Krupówki promenade, where everything is flipped on its head. The furniture is stuck to the ceiling, even the books in the shelves are upside-down. This visit will give you a funny dizzy feel. Fun for the whole family and definitely a cool place for interesting photos!

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