January 24, 2022


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Things To Do With Kids In Krakow

1. Smocza Jama The Wawel Dragon’s Den

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Smocza Jama”]
The Wawel Dragon’s Den is the best-known cave in Poland, located at the foot of the Wawel Hill. According to the legend, it was a house of the Wawel Dragon. Now the cave and the statue of the fire-breathing dragon are the most favorite kids’ attractions. The dragon statue literally breathes fire every hour and your kids are going to love it! Also every June the citizens organize The Great Dragon Parade on the Wisla river, to bring the Wawel Dragon to life and it’s really spectacular. It is a great place to visit and to learn some Polish legends.

2. Papugarnia Amazonia

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It is an amazing place in the old town, where kids and their parents can spend time in a company of real parrots. The best thing about this place is that parrots are not closed in cages, they can fly freely in a big room. Kids can feed them, play and even talk to them. The most important rule is not to hurt animals and show them respect. If you gain their trust, they will give you and your family one in a kind of experience. Way better than a traditional ZOO.

3. Garden of Experiences

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It is an educational exhibition located in a park space in the open air, where you can learn laws of physics and also make it interesting for your kids at the same time. It’s not like an ordinary museum where you can’t touch exhibits. In Garden of Experiences, you can learn by playing and testing everything yourself. To understand everything even better, your kids can take part in workshops (in Polish and English) organized by Museum of Municipal Engineering.

4. EnergyLandia

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It is the biggest amusement park in Poland located in Zator, a small town less than a half hour drive from Kraków. You will find all kind of attractions here, starting from the extreme ones – like 80 km/hr speed roller coaster and Space Booster, through family ones – Viking Village and Splash Battle, up to those for kids – the Flying Swings Carousel, Jeep Safari, and the Treasure Island. All available attractions, rides, and shows are included in the ticket price and you can spend the whole day here. Definitely the best surprise for your kids!

5. Klubokawiarnia Like! Konik

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Klubokawiarnia Like! Konik”]
An artsy cafe for children and adults, located in the city center. They organize creative workshops in Polish and English, not only to teach kids how to work together, but also discover their individual talents. Parents during that time can have a cup of coffee and try handmade cakes. It’s a good way to have a taste of how your child behaves in a playground, relax, talk to other parents and spend some good time in a family friendly atmosphere.

6. CiuCiu Cukier Artist

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”CiuCiu Cukier Artist”]
The smallest factory of sweets in the world, where you can learn from the very beginning how to make candies and lollipops. In CiuCiu they produce sweets following traditional recipes and using technology from the 17th century. At the end of the process, you will have a chance to try fresh made and still warm sweets in about 60 flavors. Perfect place if your kids are allergic to gluten, these candies are 100% gluten free and also free of preservatives.

7. Bochnia Salt Mine

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Bochnia Salt Mine”]
The oldest salt mine in Poland, located 30 minutes away from Krakow, with an amazing interactive exhibition for kids and the unique microclimate that helps in many respiratory disorders and diseases such as asthma and allergy. The attraction your kids are going to like the most is definitely an underground boat ride and slide down one of a kind 140-meter slide connecting 2 levels of the mine. You can even stay for the night in the biggest chamber “Ważyn”, that offers 252 beds, a restaurant, a sports field and a playground.