January 29, 2022


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Tips For Culinary Travels – Eating The Way Around The World

Traveling across continents and making pit stops at different countries give you the opportunity to fulfill all your dreams and curiosity. For many people, traveling is an adventurous activity with many choosing to climbing, volunteering, etc. Nevertheless, there are those, who love to travel to taste some of the finest dishes. Yes, you heard it right. Foodies and culinary enthusiasts travel the globe to eat just the famous dishes. The love for food will develop slowly, particularly when you travel to different destinations each year. It is possible to discover new foods while traveling without having to sacrifice on your taste buds or the comfort zone.
We give you the tips that will help you pick the finest dishes across the globe.

1. Consulting locals

You do not have to try yourself out with new dishes with weird names and appearance. Instead, a better way is approaching a local and asking for their recommendations. These recipes will be easy on your belly. Many travelers share their food recommendations. It is a good place to begin the search, but you can get the best out of the trip by approaching the locals. You can begin approaching people and seek recommendations before you arrive at the place. Use the internet to find forums, website, or apps that will help you connect with the locals.

2. Start with the basic recipes

You can begin searching for the favorite food of the destination and explore further by searching individually. You will slowly navigate to different pages, collect as much information as possible, and learn about the ingredients, the culture, and the entire anthropology of a country. For instance, people do not know that the origin of ketchup is in China, miles away from the America. By learning about the history, the dishes, and the ingredients extensively used in the preparation of the meals, you will look at the destination through an entirely different view, that too a delicious one!

3. Mimic the food habits

Food habits change from one country to another and you will learn it once you begin your journey and start exploring the globe. Although funny, mimicking the etiquettes and food habits is a great way to begin learning about the customers and understand the traditions. You can ask details about the same when you set out and ask the locals about their table manners, food habits, and the cultural reason behind a particular practice. For example, sticking the chopsticks in the rice bowl in China and much of Asia is a bad omen because it depicts the ritual of burning incense in a bowl for the dead in Buddhism. The discussion will lead into a long conversation where you can learn more about other aspects of table manners across different countries. You can always begin learning by looking into the international etiquettes section from the Internet.
Note: it is common for a traveler to pack a medical kit with all the necessary things packed. However, what shall a food lover or a culinary enthusiast carry as an emergency? Here are the tips:
a. Pack a pair of chopsticks, a spoon, and a fork. Carrying them is always helpful for you to taste those refreshing and local street food where the dishes or the utensils may not be as clean as you thought. You can also carry a pair of wet napkins to clean the utensils that you carry before using them.
b. Carry a dictionary that will help you with the local dialect. It comes as a savior when you are struggling with the ingredients. You can clearly interact with the locals and with the vendors in seeking the details of the food or point at the ingredients. You can simply download a handy picture dictionary app if you are using any of the smartphones.

4. Same ingredient different taste

You will come across ingredients that are same across the globe but with different tastes. Step into the local market to see the variation in the food ingredients. It is a good start because these places offer interesting and mixed local foods. You will taste the best food while you are taking a stroll in the local food market. Keep in mind – vegetable, fruits, and other ingredients taste different across the globe. The best example here is the orange juice. The fresh orange juice, squeezed in front of you, with nothing added tastes the best in the world at the local market in Marrakech. The same thing goes for the melon. They taste the best in Bali, Indonesia. Although fruits are the same around the world, the taste makes them different from one region to another.

5. Do not miss out on the breakfasts

The Nasi Lemak in Indonesia or the Mohinga soup in Myanmar, breakfast is a perfect start to explore the region’s culinary offerings. You will not only taste some of the best dishes but also have a great start to your day. If you are touring around the Southeast Asia or the South America, you can always stop by the local food markets that come up at dawn. They have the best food ingredients, meals, and much more. The turnaround is quick, food is fresh, and importantly, they are cheap.

6. Food safety

Of course, you always preferred the restaurants to the local street vendors. The beauty of street food is that you will witness the preparation process along with accessing the cleanliness of the place. However, keep a few things mind – look for stalls where the person is using gloves to collect the money and taking them off to cook the food, and try mingling or adjusting with the local mealtimes to explore new dishes when the food is freshest.
Traveling around the world gives you not only a glimpse of the world, but also taste the finest, freshest, and exciting dishes. Food may not be a priority for many when they set out for a vacation, but it will be an excellent addition to the already fulfilling experience. You can add fascinating stories, build friendships, and of course, taste delicious recipes.