January 29, 2022


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Top 10 Attractions For Children In Wrocław

Children are demanding travelers. Wrocław, however, is a city that has so many attractions in its offer that it will certainly meet the expectations of the youngest tourists. Below you will find a list of 10 places and activities that will make your time pleasant while visiting the capital of Lower Silesia.


1. Looking for dwarfs

Picture Credits: pixabay.com


The dwarfs have become one of the most popular attractions of Wroclaw. Often we pass them, without considering their biography and we don’t even notice those hidden or obscured. So maybe a walk in the footsteps of the dwarfs will be an ideal proposition for spending free time? People willing to go on such a trip on their own should visit the Krasnal Info, located on the Market Square, where they can buy a map showing the locations of all figurines. Besides, WroclawCityTour offers organized tours with a professional guide that guides tourists along the trail of the famous gnomes. Organized tours are available in many European languages, including English, German, Spanish, French, Czech and Swedish.


2. Kolejkowo



In one of the oldest, currently not working, railway stations in Wrocław has created a huge model of Lower Silesia. Makers wanted to present life in this region with the greatest accuracy and precision. Therefore, it is possible to see there not only the Wrocław Market Square but also scenes from rural life or tourists during mountain expeditions. And all this on 335 square meters, on which were set up more than 200 models of buildings, about 3,500 figures of people and animals and on which was created a half-kilometer long railway line. Children can visit Kolejkowo at Dworzec Świebodzki for 17 PLN, while admission for children under 3 is free.


3. Hydropolis



Although the ‘water museum’ probably does not sound too inviting, Hydropolis is one of the most interesting and innovative attractions on the map of Wroclaw. Hydropolis was established in December 2015 and since then was visited by almost a million visitors. The exhibition is located in an underground tank of clean water with an area of 4,000 square meters. It is a unique knowledge center that combines educational values with a modern exhibition form. In nine thematic zones, you can discover processes in which water takes part – from the functions performed in the human body to the ocean currents that shape the climate on Earth. Kids under 3 can visit Hydropolis for free. A standard discounted ticket costs 18 PLN.


4. Puppet Theater

Julo, via Wikimedia Commons


While traveling, it is also worth taking part in some cultural events. An interesting experience for children can be a visit to the Puppet Theater. Every day on the stage of the theater, well-known and admired performances are presented in versions in which the actors are replaced by puppets moved on strings. Each performance is prepared for recipients from different age groups. Even six-month children can enter the theater auditorium!


It is worth mentioning, however, that this is not a place interesting only for kids. While young viewers watch the performance, parents can watch other spectacles prepared for adults as part of the “WTL child-free” program block.


5. Interactive playground

mamik, via Wikimedia Commons


The interactive playground is one of the exhibitions at the WRO Art Center. The multimedia exhibition is an opportunity for children to spend time and develop themselves interestingly. Being in Wroclaw, it’s worth seeing this place and familiarizing the youngest with art in an accessible form. Children can touch individual objects, getting to know them in this way and waiting for a reaction. Creating your music track or jumping on colorful squares is a great experience for children.


6. Afrykarium

Lower Silesia, via Wikimedia Commons


Afrykarium is the biggest attraction of the Wrocław zoological garden. This is a unique oceanarium showing only species of animals from Africa. Within the Africaruium, almost homemade conditions have been created for the animals, from oceanic depths, through the beaches of the Red Sea to the Congo jungle. They are inhabited by for example turtles, colorful fish, manatees, hippopotamuses, rays, sharks, penguins and crocodiles, and dozens of other creatures.


To enter the Africarium area, you need to buy a ticket to the zoo at a discounted price – 40 PLN, or normal – 50 PLN. However, the visit should be planned earlier, because it is a very crowded attraction, visited by an average of 2,500 people per day.


7. Loopy’s World



The colorful Loopy’s World is a modern family entertainment center, where a lot of attractions and fun activities are waiting for the kids to use energy in the right way. Active entertainment also provides the opportunity to acquire new skills. Importantly, our kids can play with their parents here. Loopy’s World covers an area of 4,000 square meters and is the largest playing hall in Wroclaw.


Loopy’s World in Wroclaw offers numerous attractions of varying difficulty – obstacle courses, ramps and equivalents, 4 trampolines, 7 slides, tunnels, and secret passages, a toboggan run, a ball pool, and a mini climbing wall. There is also a toddler zone for children aged 1-3 with swimming pools and small water slides.


8. Wyspa Przygody Opatowicka

Wikimedia Commons


Wrocław is a city located on several islands. On one of them – Opatowicka Island – at the turn of April and May the season of games begins in the “Wyspa Przygody Opatowicka” adventure park. In the rope park, there are seven routes with different levels of difficulty, prepared for adventurous people of all ages. Children can take part in games from the age of three. Each participant before the start of climbing is equipped with professional safety equipment and trained in the rules of using it. A group of instructors is constantly watching over the comfort and safety of the visitors.


9. Manufacture of Candies and Lollipops “Słodkie Czary Mary”



In 2011, in the heart of Wroclaw, two sisters – Magda and Aneta – created a place where they make handmade unique sweets. The owners offer their guests not only the opportunity to buy sweets made of natural ingredients, but they also organize special free shows, during which you can see what the production process looks like. Also, you can take part in production workshops that allow you to play the role of a confectioner, create lollipops yourself, and then eat them.


10. Aquapark

Wrocławski Park Wodny S.A., via Wikimedia Commons


Founded in 2008, the Aquapark in Wrocław is one of the most-visited water parks in Europe. In the rich offer of this facility, apart from sports swimming pools, there are also 8 slides of various sizes and several types of recreational pools: an outdoor swimming pool, an outdoor salt pool, a lazy river, a wave pool, a jacuzzi and a paddling pool for the youngest children. Also, every weekend there are organized animations especially for children, during which kids can have fun and win interesting prizes. Wroclaw’s Aquapark is an ideal place for active recreation for the whole family.