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Top 10 Attractions in Belgrade, Serbia

1. Avala Tower

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Avala Tower”]
The Avala Tower is the tallest tower not only in Serbia but in the whole Balkan region. It is over 200 meters tall and it is located on the top of Mount Avala. The original Avala Tower was built in 1965 and later on destroyed in 1999 during the NATO bombings in Yugoslavia. The tower was opened once again in 2010 and since that year it is operating as a telecommunication tower. I strongly recommend you to visit this gorgeous place and it might become your favorite spot in the capital of Serbia.

2. Museum of Aviation

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The Museum of Aviation in Belgrade is located just next to the international airport of Belgrade – Nikola Tesla Airport. This fact makes the museum really accessible for the tourists. Regardless of this fact, the Museum of Aviation in Belgrade is still not a top destination for the international tourists in Serbia. The museum owns more than 200 different plans from different decades. In addition to the great collection of planes, the museum has an astonishing exterior that was created by the architect Ivan Straus. Do not hesitate and visit the Museum of Aviation in Belgrade, you will love both the interior and the exterior of this place.

3. Terazije Fountain

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Terazije Fountain”]
The Terazije Fountain is located on one of the main streets in the capital of Serbia – Belgrade. On Terazije Street you can find plenty of old style buildings. The fountain on this street is really spectacular, but many people do not pay great attention to it even though the fountain had been built in the 18th century. This fountain is located just next to Hotel Moskva. If you have some free time and you are going around Terazije street, stop and check out this piece of history.

4. National Bank of Serbia Visitor Centre

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”National Bank of Serbia Visitor Centre”]
The visitor center of the National Bank of Serbia is a really interesting museum/exhibition located in the middle of Belgrade. Over here you can check out some numismatic collections connected with the Serbian nation. If you are a fan of history and historical facts then you should definitely visit this center.

5. Tresije Monastery

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Tresije Monastery”]
The Tresije Monastery is a really interesting place that is not actually located in Belgrade but in a nearby town called Sopot. If you are visiting the capital of Serbia, you should definitely save a day and visit the nearby Sopot. You will not only escape from the busy life of Belgrade, but you will also see some interesting landmarks. The most interesting one is the Tresije Monastery, an Orthodox monastery located in a small town next to Belgrade.

6. Theater Gardos

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The theater Gardos or how the locals call it, Teatar Gardos is one of the most fabulous theaters in Belgrade. It might be hard for international tourists to visit a play at this theater mainly because of the language differences, but from a personal experience I can tell you that one of the best theater plays in Belgrade are performed at this place. Gardos is located in the famous Donji Grad and probably the best time to visit it is during July. In July there is a cultural event called Summer in Gardos during which you can see an outdoor theater plays. Visit this place if you want to see some typical Serbian culture.

7. Kosutnjak

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Kosutnjak”]
Kosutnjak is a park located in the capital of Serbia – Belgrade. This is by far the most relaxed place in this busy city. The park is located few kilometers away from the downtown area of Belgrade. If you are interested in relaxing walks in a beautiful park that is actually a small forest than you must visit Kosutnjak. You will definitely like the hours that you will spend in this park.

8. Museum of Applied Art

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Museum of Applied Art”]
Personally, I am not a huge fan of art but the Museum of Applied Art is just a next generation museum. The place is amazing, starting from the exterior of the place and the garden in front of the museum. Inside you can find more than 30 000 different works of applied art. Here you can find items from all decades, starting from Ancient Greek ages. The Museum of Applied Art had been created in 1950 and since then, it is the best place in Serbia for art lovers. If you are an international tourist in Belgrade and you do not know what attractions to visit, please visit this museum!

9. PTT Museum

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”PTT Museum”]
The PTT museum or the Postal-Telegraphic-Telephonic museum is a museum that has plenty of collections of items that are connected with the PTT communications. One of the most interesting items in the PTT museum is the carriage with which back in the days the postal service used to deliver the mail. The PTT museum is located in the downtown area of Belgrade and not only the items in the museum are amazing, the exterior of the building of the museum is also amazing.

10. White Palace

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”White Palace”]
The White Palace in Belgrade or how the locals call it Beli Dvor is a former royal residence of a famous Serbian family. The building had been influenced by the British house style from the 18th century. The White Palace in Belgrade had been created just before the World War II. Currently, the place is a home to a lot of art collections of items from different artists.

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