Top 10 Attractions in Rome, Italy

1. Colle Aventino

Aventine Hill is one of the seven hills on which Rome was built. The area is not as popular as many other tourist attractions in Rome. On the other side, the place has some unique and really interesting mythology. People believe that the area received its name from the legendary king Aventinus. In addition to this fact, locals say that back in the days the hill was the home of a monster called Cacus. If you want to see an area of Rome that is not really that busy with tourists than you should come here. The hill is also perfect for some nice photos.


2. Orange Garden


On the Aventine Hill or let’s say next to the Aventine Hill you can visit a really cool and relaxing park called Orange Garden. If you are trying to ask for direction maybe it will be better to know the Italian name of this park – ”Giardino degli Aranci”. The garden was designed by Raffaele Vico in the 1930s. The Orange Garden offers spectacular views, just like most parts of the Aventine Hill. The orange Garden is a really relaxed place that is not as busy as most parks in the capital of Italy.


3. Crypta Balbi Museum


The Crypta Balbi Museum is one of the really interesting museums in Rome. The place is not that popular among international tourists, even though it offers spectacular views. Inside the museum, you can see imperial building ruins and a lot of artifacts from the ancient civilizations. Learn more about the Roman society in this really interesting museum that is not very busy with tourists.


4. Pyramid of Cestius


The Pyramid of Cestius is an ancient pyramid located in Rome. The pyramid is interesting mainly because of the fact that it is much different than the architecture of the ancient Roman Empire. According to the historians, the pyramid was built in the 12 B.C. by Gaius Cestius. Nowadays the place looks gorgeous, especially if you visit it during the night. Located close to Porta San Paolo you can easily get to this landmark.


5. House of Augustus


The main residence of Augustus is one of the most interesting and valuable ruins located in the capital of Italy – Rome. The place originally was built around 23 B.C. These ruins show the typical Ancient Roman Empire style of architecture. The ruins are fairly saved and you can enjoy some nice hours around this place. I strongly recommend it, especially to people who love history. This attraction is still not really popular among the international tourists, so you can visit it without worrying about big crowds and lines.


6. Palazzo Barberini


Palazzo Barberini is the home of the Galleria Nazionale de Arte Antica or in English the National Gallery of Ancient Art. Originally the place is a gorgeous palace located next to the famous Piazza Barberini. Here you can find plenty of historic artifacts and other important historical objects. In addition to all of the interesting things that the gallery can provide we had that wonderful exterior and interior of this facility. The place has a huge history, including the creation of the European Court of Human Rights.


7. Capuchin Crypt


The Capuchin Crypt is a really interesting and in the same time creepy place located under the Santa Maria della Concezione dei Cappuccini church near the Piazza Barberini street in Rome. The place is actually a series of few small chapels in which you can find the remains of around 4000 bodies that are believed to be the remains of Capuchin friars who wanted to be buried in here. The place is full of their skulls and remainings but it deserves your attention especially if you are not scared of such views.


8. Foro Italico


The Foro Italico is a historic sports complex that was built in the 1930s by Mussolini. He built it because he wanted to host the 1944 Olympic Games in Rome. The complex is built in the typical fascist style and it definitely deserves your attention. All over the complex, you can see statues of different athletes which makes the place even better. If you have few free hours in Rome do not hesitate to go and check out the sports complex of Mussolini.


9. Circus Maximus


The Circus Maximus is an ancient chariot racing stadium located in Rome. If you had seen the movie Ben Hur you know what I am talking about. The Circus, as for how the Romans were calling it, is 621 meters long and 118 meters wide. Back in the day, the circus could host around 150 000 spectators. Nowadays the place operates as a public park, but you can still see the gorgeous history which the place can offer.


10. L’Elefantino di Bernini


The L’Elefantino di Bernini or just the statue of the little elephant located in the Rione Vi Parione area in Rome is a really cool and unpopular tourist attraction. For many people, this might seem stupid or irrelevant, but for lots of locals, this statue is a symbol of luck and happiness. As many of you might know the elephant statues bring luck and everyone should have one in their home. Well Rome also has one and you can easily find it because it is located close to Pantheon and to St Maria Sopra Basilica in the Rione Vi Parione district of the capital of Italy.

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