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Top 10 Attractions in Warsaw, Poland

1. Jewish Monument

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The Jewish Monument in Warsaw is one of the most spectacular memorials in Poland. The memorial is in honor of the Warsaw Ghetto Uprising of 1943. The landmark was finished in 1948 by Albert Speer. One of the most interesting things in this monument is the 1946 memorial tablet. This landmark is fairly popular among locals, but is not really popular to the international tourists, mainly because of the fact that international tourists focus more on the Old Town of Warsaw. Visit this monument if you want to see some Polish history.

2. Communism Museum

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This really cool Communist Museum is one of my favorite tourist attractions in Warsaw. I had been to different communist museums in different former communist countries and every time I visit a new one, I see a new thing. The Warsaw Communist Museum is located in the former Polish Optical Factory. Everything in the museum comes from the communist time. The museum is a really cool destination for people that had never been/lived in a former communist country.

3. Palace of Culture & Science

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Palace of Culture and Science”]
This amazing building, that is probably the most spectacular one in Warsaw had been built in 1955. Many people that had to visit the capital of Poland, had seen the building from the distance, but not all of them had gone to the palace. This landmark is the home to many different institutions. The palace is 237 meters tall and is developed in a style that is close to the American. Only the high spire of the building is 40 meters tall. The building is one of the highest in Europe. Go and check it out, do not only look at it from a distance.

4. Warsaw Barbican

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Warsaw Barbican”]
The Warsaw Barbican is one of the most interesting historic sights in Poland. The Barbican is located in the Old Town of Warsaw. Many international tourists visit the Old Town of the Polish capital, but most of them miss important things like this landmark.  Even though that the Warsaw Barbican is fairly popular it still can get more popularity. I encourage all international tourists that are going to visit Warsaw to go and check this 16th-century gate.

5. Vistula River Beach

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Vistula River Beach”]
The Vistula River Beach is a perfect place for relaxation during the summer. This beach offers an amazing ”timeout” from the busy lifestyle of the Polish capital. During the summer you can enjoy a nice day around the river, but you can visit this place not only in the summer months. During the winter you can also go to this park and enjoy a nice walk alongside the river. The Vistula River Beach is only 10 minutes away from the famous Palace Square.

6. Cathedral of St. John

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Cathedral of St. John”]
St. John is the only arch cathedral in Warsaw, Poland. The church was built in 1390 and it offers amazing views to the tourists. If you visit St. John Arch cathedral you can enjoy the amazing Brick Gothic style of the 14th century. The place is really popular among locals, but it also deserves attention from the international tourists. A few years back the church was listed by UNESCO as culturally important. Among all things, the interior of the church is just spectacular.

7. Dollhouse Museum

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Dollhouse Museum”]
The Dollhouse Museum in Warsaw is a really cool place to visit, especially if you are visiting the city with little kids. Even if you go to Warsaw only with adults, you still should visit this very interesting museum. In the Dollhouse Museum, you can find more than 100 different houses for dolls. You should go to the museum and see how many toys are on display. This museum is a really good experience for both kids and adults!!!

8. Field Cathedral of the Polish Army

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Field Cathedral of the Polish Army”]
The Field Cathedral of the Polish Army is the representative cathedral of the city. Among locals, the church is also known as Church of Our Lady Queen of the Polish Crown, so in case you are asking for directions, keep this in mind. In our days all of the major military religious feasts are happening in here, which is a really interesting fact. The denomination of the church is Roman Catholic. It was originally built in 1660, but during the War World II, it was destroyed. The Polish government restored it after the war and currently, the church is a ”must see” attraction for the Warsaw visitors.

9. Nozyk Synagogue

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Nozyk Synagogue”]
The Nozyk Synagogue is the only synagogue that was built before the World War II, that still exists in Warsaw, Poland. Originally it was built in 1898 and it was restored later on after the World War damages that it suffered. The place is extremely important and it is a sign that the community was able to overcome the years of the war. Nowadays the place is fully operating and you can visit it. In my opinion, the synagogue is important not only to the Jewish community but to the whole Polish community, which was able to stay together during the years of war.

10. Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Cathedral of St. Mary Magdalene”]
The Cathedral of Mary Magdalene is probably the most beautiful Christian Orthodox Church in Warsaw. The church is built in a typical Russian style and it was opened in 1869. It had been built in Russian style because of the fact that there is a huge Russian population in the area. The dome, as well as the interior of the church, are really gorgeous. You can find some interesting religious icons inside the church. If you are interested in Christian Orthodox churches than you must visit this place.

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