October 22, 2021


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Top 10: Best New Travel Bloggers


Photo credit: martinak15 / Foter / CC BY

We’re so happy to see more and more travelers and travel bloggers each and every day. In fact, we already have some new favourite travel bloggers whom you can meet today.
Sara’s blog is fairly new on the internet, she started writing Instanttraveler about two months ago in Spanish and she started adding English articles around a month ago. Her articles not only cover travel and food topics but she also gives advices on studying another language and reasons why every youngster should travel. Keep up the great work, Sara!
Savored Journeys
If you’re into food, wine and luxury travel, this blog is just the right destination for you. In Laura’s blog, you can find useful information like what should you eat when you’re in Estonia and on wine Wednesdays you can discover a new wine region. You obviously can’t miss it out, can you?
Rose In North Ireland
A Hungarian girl, named Rose (or Rózsa in Hungarian) hit the road only a couple of weeks ago and moved to North Ireland. Her blog features her days in the beautiful green country, you can learn a lot from her on how to leave your hometown and move to a different country and you can also get lifestyle tips from her. This blog is a must-read for Ireland lovers!
Back to Buckley
This fun Australian girl’s blog is everything a travel blog should be. It’s packed with interesting travel stories but as a journalist and a social media expert Jess gives advice for fellow bloggers. So, even if you’re not traveling but staying at home and writing your own blog, it’s recommended to check Back to Buckley out!
Jey Jetter
She has an amazing new blog and great adventures around the world! Join Jey on her road to Australia, New Zealand or even deep under the ocean as she loves scuba diving, too. But beside these amazing adventures you can even catch a glimpse of the dark side of traveling, too. It’s always good to know the ups and downs, isn’t it?
One of the most useful travel blogs that we’ve seen in a while. You can read post like is Mexico safe for travelers or on how to hitchhike for 72 hours. And as its writer, Jakob Gibbons has a love for languages (he’s an ESL teacher) it’s no wonder that you can get a heads up on linguistics and how to learn a new language.
Poscards and Passports
Tami’s website is a real treasure. She doesn’t only show you the world through her eyes but she also give you great advice on how to save money for traveling, how to take amazing travel photographs or what to do when you are in San Francisco. And as the title suggests Tami loves postcards, so be sure to send one to her if you like her blog!
The Good Globe
Karianne and Fabio’s blog is like a breath of fresh air (no pun intended). They are traveling round the world and introducing selfless people whom they meet along their way. If you want to read really thoughtful articles on topics like helping others, how to eat healthy on the road or just see breathtaking places like Cheow Lan Lake then we encourage you to read The Good Globe.
Flying The Nest
A cute, young couples tales from Bali to the USA and back. So far they have visited 19 countries, explored 41 cities and they doesn’t seem to stop. In Stephen and Jess’ blog you can read a handful of articles on how to life on the road and they are also catching their best moments on videos that you can see on their YouTube channel!
Vagrants of the World
A great travel blog if you are planning where to go next. You can find “One day in…” series that features cities from Oxford to Istanbul and you can also find great reviews on hotels and cruises. So don’t forget to read a little bit of Vagrants of the World before you start planning your next trip as the blog’s owners Mark and Kate will give you awesome advices.
Do you have a travel blog, too? Comment down below and you might be featured in our next blogger list!