January 27, 2022


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Top 10 Castles in Slovenia

A true castle lover should not miss out on the great castles Slovenia has in store for you. They are placed in different regions of Slovenia, but luckily for you, they are all in no more than 90 minutes driving distance from the capital city Ljubljana.


Firstly, visit the Ljubljana Castle, one of the most popular and well known tourist attractions in the whole country. Take a walk to the Castle Hill and start discovering the history of Slovenia and Ljubljana!



The next castle you should not miss on your stay in Slovenia is the Bled Castle. It is one of the most beautiful and iconic places in Slovenia, and the views from the Bled Castle will astonish you. It is located around a 60 minute drive from the capital Ljubljana and is a great one day trip.


Next castle we highly recommend to everyone visiting Slovenia is the Predjama Castle, located near the well-known Postojna Cave. Visit the castle and the cave in one day. Make this one of the most unforgettable trips! Predjama castle is around a 60 minute drive away from the capital Ljubljana.



After you have seen some of the bigger castles built by feudal, it is time to visit the only Slovenian castle built for the needs of mine industry, Castle Gewekenegg in Idrija. This may not be the biggest and most prestigious castle, but it is definitely very charming. City Idrija and Castle Gewekenegg are about an 80 minute drive from Ljubljana. Visiting Idrija is a great one day trip into the history of Slovenian mining and lace making.



If you do not have a whole day to spend, visit Castle Bogenšperk which is closer to Ljubljana on a nice few hour trip. This castle is great for the whole family with its quite unique exhibitions, suitable for kids and for adults. Castle Bogenšperk was home to one of the most famous Slovenians Johann Weichard Valvasor. It is also a great place to discover the history of the country and get an inside into the mind of this great man.



Next three castles are located a bit farther from Ljubljana, closer to the second biggest city in Slovenia, Maribor. The first is the Castle of Ptuj, located about 90 minutes from Ljubljana and a 30 minute drive from Maribor. This castle was built for the needs of military and defense, but it is now home to a great museum, exhibiting objects from different periods of Slovenian history. It is located in the most famous ancient Rome cities in Slovenia.



The second castle in this part of Slovenia is the Old Castle Celje, which is located halfway from Ljubljana to Maribor, about a 40 minute drive from both cities. Although this is not a complete castle, it is a great representation of the past life. Castle was once home to the Courts of Celje, and the prestige of this castle can still be felt.


The third castle is the Mansion Štatenberg, which is located near Slovenjska Bistrica and Rogaška Slatina, about a 90 minute drive from Ljubljana. This mansion is one of the biggest in Slovenia and has a style you will not see in any other castle in this area. It is a great idea for a whole day trip, as it offers a lot of outdoor activities and walking treks.

Now we get closer to Ljubljana again. Visit the Žužemberk Castle, located near the river Kolpa, about a 40 minute drive from Ljubljana. Offering great views and stunning sceneries, this is also a great one day trip to the Dolenjska region of Slovenia. This is one of the lesser known castles.



The last place in the top 10 castle in Slovenia belongs to an adorable

Škofja Loka Castle or Loka Castle, located in the nicest medieval city in Slovenia. It is located about a 30 minute drive from the capital Ljubljana. The town Škofja Loka is also very worth of visiting, so go ahead and spend one day discovering its beauty!