Top 10 Cities To Visit In Croatia

Croatia is full of beautiful places which offer you a nice and relaxing excursion or even hiking. It has many different types of terrain like mountains, hills, fields, and sea. Come to Croatia, choose your favorite type of terrain and visit a city here. We have put together a list for you; all you need to do is choose the one (or more if you want to) you like the most and visit it!


1. Zagreb


Zagreb is the capital city of Croatia; it is full of culture and amazing things to see, some examples are: St. Mark’s square, The Zagreb Funicular, The Grič Tunnel and the Museum of Illusions. It is also rich in culinary spots; you can find a restaurant or a pastry shop at almost every corner in the city. The citizens of Zagreb are pretty friendly and cheerful, (a bad mannered person is really a rare thing to run across there). If you happen to be there, make sure to check out the Dolac farmers’ market! It’s a huge part of the history of the city, and while you’re there, don’t forget to try the fresh and delicious home-grown fruits and vegetables.


2. Dubrovnik


Dubrovnik is one of the most popular cities in Croatia, therefore you must visit it if you’re in the country. One of the most popular TV shows of all time, “Game of Thrones” was filmed in this city and ever since then, people can’t stop talking about Dubrovnik. But the city has so much more to offer with its historical stories and beauties. If you decide to visit this beauty, make sure to take a walk on Stradun, the city’s main street and to see a couple of historical pearls like the Rector’s Palace, the Big Onofrio’s fountain, the Dubrovnik Cathedral and the Franciscan Library, the richest library of the city.


3. Opatija


This city is a peaceful place so people visit it when they want to calm their body, mind, and soul. It’s a real safe haven for anyone who wants to relax and forget about their problems. Opatija isn’t famous for its wild parties or loud music. It is a perfect place for someone who just wants to get away from the troubles of everyday life and the polluted air of the city. If you ever visit this city, make sure to check out the Church of St. Jakov and also the Villa Angiolina, which is a museum. The main attraction of the city is the statue “The Maiden and the Seagull”, which can be found on the beach.


4. Split


Split is the second largest city in Croatia and it is one of the largest cultural capitals in this country due to its historical relevance. Today it is best known for its amazing beach parties, and the best-known beach party of all time is Ultra Europe, which is held each year right in this city. If you’re an electro music fan, if you feel young in your soul, if you like to party till the Sun comes up, this is the city for you. It never sleeps as each second of the day has to offer something amazing in this city. Some of the best-known landmarks here are the Cathedral of St. Domnius, The Prokurative and Diocletian’s Palace. Make sure to check them out after you partied enough!


5. Osijek


If you love culture, you should definitely visit Osijek! Some think that it’s a small city and it doesn’t have as much to offer when compared to some other cities in Croatia, but if you ignore its geographical size you can still have a lot of fun here! It has many museums, galleries, concerts, parties and a lot more. Just like Split, Osijek is also one of the cultural capitals of the country, and NOT without a reason. It lived through many historical eras and in each era, it gained something on a cultural level. If you visit this city, make sure to check out the Museum of Slavonia, the Shell Museum, the Gallery of Fine Arts, The Citadel and the Osijek Co-cathedral! You won’t regret it!


6. Đakovo


Đakovo is a small city, but it is really rich in culture and wine. The setup of the center of the city is really beautiful, I would even dare to say tasteful. The Promenada is the part of the city where you can take a long walk without having to worry about traffic because cars aren’t allowed to drive there. You can also find many cafes in the center of the city where you can sit down and enjoy your day. If you’re in this city, make sure to visit the Đakovo Cathedral (Cathedral Basilica of St. Peter), and not far from Đakovo you can find Ivandvor, a place famous for breeding the famous Lipizzaner horses.


7. Pula


Pula is one of the most beautiful cities in the Istrian County. It is full of natural beauties and the climate is always nice and mild. The city is a tourist attraction and they are famous for their wine. The place is also known for its fishing culture. The history of Pula is really rich, thus the numerous historic monuments like The Roman Arena, Chapel of St. Mary Formosa, the Pula Fortress and the Arch of the Sergii exist. You should also check out the harbor of the city, it’s really beautiful.


8. Varaždin


Varaždin is a place best known for its baroque buildings, but it’s also famous for its Špancirfest, a festival which is all about nurturing their history and culture. At one point (from 1756 to 1776) it was the capital city of Croatia; it hosted the Croatian Sabor and the Royal Croatian Council. If you travel to this city, make sure to visit their cemetery. It might seem a bit morbid, but the setup of it is more like a park and less like a real cemetery. You should also visit the Varaždin Cathedral, the Castle in the Old Town, the Town Hall and also the Herzel Palace.


9. Zadar


Zadar is the oldest continuously inhabited city in Croatia. The citizens are really friendly and hospitable and the food there is always really tasty. Zadar is one of the main tourist attractions of Croatia, not without a reason. Since it’s the oldest inhabited city in Croatia, you can guess that it has many historic monuments. If you ever find yourself there, make sure to visit The Roman Forum Remains, the Zadar fortifications, St. Donatus church, the Landward Gate, the Monument to the Sun and also the Sea organ. Make sure not to miss out on the opportunity to visit the Church of St. Simeon where you can find the Chest of St. Simeon, a sarcophagus that holds the relics of St. Simeon the God-receiver.


10. Krapina


Krapina is located in a perfectly beautiful part of Croatia, it’s hilly and it’s full of cottages, probably because of the Krapina Spa which is located just outside the city. Krapina is also known as a rich fossil finding site because of the cave in which they found the richest and biggest collection of Neanderthal people. Thanks to that, they opened a museum, the Krapina Neanderthal Museum which is one of the most modern museums in Croatia and central Europe. If you’re there, you should also visit the Trakošćan castle, it’s not far from the city and it’s really nicely preserved. It’s definitely a “must see” attraction because it’s located in a beautiful place full of natural beauties.

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