January 29, 2022


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Top 10 Ethno Villages Of Serbia

Serbia invests a lot of money and time into developing a nice and worthy eco-ethno tourism within their borders. They definitely have some old customs they could preserve and protect in these villages, and they also have that beautiful nature they can brag about! This country is simply amazing and if you want to grasp its true beauty, there’s no better place for that than these ethno villages. You can stay at these places and experience how the older generations lived. You will definitely respect your elders more once you see how they lived and how much you have today thanks to the inventions of the modern times. Without further ado, here are the top 10 ethno villages of Serbia you should visit one day!

1. Ethno Village Bogut

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This ethno village can be found in Bogutovac. This little farm has 3 cottages and a restaurant so if you decide to visit them, you’ll definitely have the chance to try some local homemade dishes! It also has a beautiful and spacious garden and also a barbeque you can use anytime (free of charge, of course). If you decide to visit this ethno village, you won’t be bored. Besides its natural beauties, it also offers different kinds of activities like hiking, cycling or paragliding! This is a really amazing place where you can turn away from all your everyday worries and just relax for some time!

2. Ethno Village Topalović

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Ethno Village Topalović is located in the village of Lipolist. Lipolist is actually known for its beautiful roses and they have a festival called ‘The Roses of Lipolist’. They say that this village always smells of roses! The ethno village itself consists of a couple of houses which all have that specific 100-year-old look (that doesn’t mean that they look really old, they just have those authentic elements from that time period). They also have a gallery with some Serbian Orthodox icons. If you like stopping to smell the roses and also visiting galleries, this is the perfect place for you!

3. Ethno Village Zmaj od Noćaja

[rel_attraction_big_picture title=”Ethno Village Zmaj od Noćaja”]
This ethno village can be found in Macvanska Mitrovica. This place is perfect if you planned on visiting some of the local landmarks like Sirmium or maybe one of the 16 monasteries which are scattered all over Fruska Gora. As it always is with ethno villages, Zmaj od Noćaja is a perfect example of life before the modern era. You can see authentic buildings, objects, carts and much more. It’s really amazing actually, it looks really nice and cozy. If you want to relax after a long day of sightseeing, make sure to stay at Zmaj od Nocaja, because this village will give you that extra sensation which will make your vacation perfect!

4. Ethno Village Koštunići

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Ethno Village Koštunići is situated on the south slope of the Suvobor Mountain. This place is full of natural beauties like mountain peaks, trails and also caves. There’s even a historically relevant place nearby, Ravnagora Highland. If you visit this place, you have many things to do and see! You won’t ever be bored or annoyed! This place is perfect for anyone. No matter if you want to visit it with your significant other, your entire family or maybe even completely alone. This place offers activities for all types of visitors!

5. Ethno Village Tičije Polje

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Tičije Polje is a place where time stopped flowing. With its straw roofs and wooden structures, the village looks like a place you could only dream about these days. Today it acts as a living ethnographic museum which you can visit. It’s simply perfect! It definitely has that certain ‘wow’ factor and is really lovely! If you like those old-school villages from around the 16th or 17th century, you will definitely love this one! Also, if you’d like to, you can visit the nearby monasteries of Davidovica and Kumanica, they are medieval and really interesting!

6. Ethno Village Drvengrad

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This ethno village is also known as Küstendorf. This place was built for a movie (‘Life Is a Miracle’) by Emir Kusturica and you can find it in the Zlatibor District. Drvengrad houses the annual Küstendorf Film and Music Festival which you can visit freely, it’s really impressive! The village has a gallery, a library, a cinema-hall, a restaurant, a souvenir shop and much more! If you decide to stay here, you can experience the traditional way of life and you’ll also get to try some really tasty local dishes!

7. Ethno Village Rajski Konaci

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Rajski Konaci is located in Leušićiand it looks like Heaven itself. You can find it in the hilly part of Serbia. When you visit this place, you have the feeling that you’re actually in Tuscany. It is a really beautiful place with many natural beauties and amazing people. If you want to get away from your busy everyday life and from the polluted air of the cities, this is a perfect place for you! It looks mesmerizing and you get to stare at the amazingly beautiful hills which surround you! You can also join the tour around these parts, you will get to know the nature, animals and you will also relax while doing so! There are also many springs around these hills, so if you’d like to see those, you can definitely visit them!

8. Ethno Village Moravski Konaci

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This ethno village is fairly new. It was built in 2007 and is located in the heart of the country. It’s really close to Belgrade and also the Morava River. Here you will be able to experience the true and original Serbian hospitality. The people there are really kind and welcoming and they are even dressed in traditional Serbian costumes, just so you could have a better experience! Their homemade local dishes are really tasty and the whole place is just really nice and sweet. They also have a church you can visit freely. The visitors usually love it there, so don’t hesitate to visit this place!

9. Ethno Village Tiganjica

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If you ask us, this is the most realistic ethno village of them all. It simply has that ‘simple village’ style even though it was rearranged/repurposed to be a tourist attraction. It looks really amazing and lovely! You can find this gem in Stajićevo. It perfectly depicts the lifestyle from a century ago! They also have a mini zoo with various domesticated as well as wild animals. You should definitely visit this place because they have so much to offer! They even have a playground for the youngest visitors! It’s perfect for everyone, no matter if you’re visiting alone, with your significant other or with your whole family! It is truly perfect for all types of visitors!

10. Ethno Village Slatkovac

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This gem can be found in Slatkovac. It consists of 4 guest houses and a library, and they also have an ethno shop! This village survived both World Wars, so you can imagine that it has a really rich history and many stories to tell! If you decide to stay here, you’ll have the privilege to visit their restaurant where you get to try different kinds of local cuisine! The houses in the village are authentic and really good looking! And if you visit this place during the summer, you will be able to enjoy different kinds of events like concerts, festivals and much more! This is a truly nice place and you should definitely visit it!