Top 10 Free Things To Do In Zagreb

1. Take hiking tours

Get to the highest peak of Medvednica mountain called Sljeme. Sljeme is also the highest Croatian mountain peak. Medvednica is an ideal place for walking tours, for a picnic or many other activities. It is a favourite ski resort for many Croatians but tourist as well. Every year, here are held different Ski cups, and the most popular is so called Snow Queen Trophy. We recommend you to visit Medvednica in a winter time when everything is covered in snow.


2. Refresh yourself in Jarun lake

During high-temperature days, refresh yourself at the Zagreb lake – Jarun. The bathing season runs from the 1st of June until 15th of September. Jarun lake consists of two smaller lakes that are connected to each other, occupying approximately  70 hectares. There are many beaches around the lake where you can enjoy with your family and friends. Place your towels somewhere underneath the tree’s crown and get ready for a unique fun at the Zagreb ‘sea’.

3. Play badminton in the Maksimir Park

Maksimir Park is the largest green area in the capital of Croatia, Zagreb. It is an ideal place for a recreation in the company of your friends or family. The Park was opened in 1794 and cover more than 300 hectares. Besides its beautiful green areas, there are five lakes as well. Enjoy this unique beauty of nature, because Maksimir Park is definitely a true green oasis of the city. You can come here and spend a lovely day with your kids; let them run all over the place, play badminton, play football or let them find their own way of having fun.

4. Explore Zagreb Solar System (Prizmeljeni Sunčev Sustav)

There is no a single inhabitant of the city of Zagreb that didn’t pass through Zagreb Solar System for at least once. Zagreb Solar System is located in Bogovićeva Street. This is one giant steel sculpture of a Solar System. So called ‘Gold ball’ was standing lonely at the street until another architect came to the idea to make another nine metallic balls of varying sizes that would present the planets of the Solar System. And he did all of them. The position of each of those nine balls (planets) is made on the same scale as it is in the universe.

5. Look up at the sky

Look at the beautiful starry sky above Zagreb! From Tuesday to Friday between 20 – 22 o’clock, the Zagreb Observatory is open to the public. In the case of nice weather, there is a possibility of free observation of the sky with the telescope. Expert explanations are included and you don’t need to make a reservation first.

While visiting Zagreb, this is definitely an attraction you shouldn’t miss! Take your kids for a hand and let them enjoy a beautiful and unique experience!

6. Aqua Fitness

The whole summer, from the 1st of July til the end of August is reserved for the aqua fitness. Aqua fitness is held on the Jarun lake and is accessible for children of all ages and for adults as well. It is all about exercising in the lake in the water waist deep. This is truly the unique way of fun exercising. Join these exercising classes every Tuesday and Thursday from 9:30 – 11:00.

7. Enjoy Summer on Stross

The Strossmayer Promenade, located in the Zagreb Upper Town, is the most crowded place during hot summer weeks. Here are held many various concerts, exhibitions, creative workshops for children and adults etc. Popularly called Strossmartre, it’s the most romantic promenade in the capital of Croatia. You can buy here some souvenirs as well, that will remind you of the city of Zagreb.


8. Enjoy Gradec Summer Cinema

There is a one city square in Zagreb that differs from others; Katarina square. Located in the Upper town of Zagreb, the Katarina square is a favourite part of the city because here you can enjoy watching cinema under the stars. The manifestation is called the Gradec summer cinema. It’s about open air cinema, what makes this event popular not only for children but for adults as well. Enjoy watching cool movies with your friends or family during warm summer nights, from the 3rd of August until the 3rd of September.


9. Listen to the music concerts

Every summer there are plenty of music concerts all over the Zagreb. The most popular music festival is held during the summer at the Bundek lake. Come here to enjoy different types of music! Bundek is also a favourite place in town especially for sportsmen; here you can do your regular exercises, you can play sport, take a walk or simply enjoy the amazing nature that is all around you. You can enjoy music concerts at the Maksimir park every Sunday from 11:00 – 13:00 from April til the end of September.


10. Walk through Hrelic flea market

Hrelić is a legendary flea market located in the settlement of Jakuševac. This is the most popular fair in Zagreb for more than 50 years. Here you can find whatever you need for a small price; clothing, tools, books, jewelry, kitchen accessories etc. There are also some Croatian specialties in a case you would get hungry. You don’t have to buy anything here, but the walkthrough among ‘exhibitors’ is a special event that you should experience at least once in your life.


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