Top 10 Greek Souvenirs To Buy

1. Greek Olives


Greek Olives are surely the best olives in the world. When you visit Athens you must not come back to your home without some olives from the Greek capital. I recommend you to go to Monastiraki market and choose from the variety of different olives that are popular on the Greek market. When we speak about souvenirs or items that you should buy during your vacation in Athens, olives are definitely on your top 10 list. Kalamata olives are my personal advice.

2. Greek Sandals


The Greek leather sandals are one of the most interesting things that you can buy in Athens. These sandals have a huge history and the Greek people had been using them since forever. Nowadays most of the tourists in Athens decide to buy some typical Greek leather sandals while they visit the city. You can either use them for walking or you can buy them just like souvenirs. There are plenty of places that create leather sandals in Athens, so you can choose from plenty of different stores. Personally, I bought a pair from Monastiraki market in Athens.

3. Greek Vases


As we all know, Greece is a symbol and synonym of history. Specifically, there are not too many cities in the world that have more ”history” than Athens. If you want to bring back to your home some of this amazing history then I recommend you to buy a Greek vase. This souvenir is appropriate for both men and women and it is a perfect gift for everyone. The prices of the vases vary and you can choose from different styles. Once again a good place to buy a Greek vase in Athens is the Monastiraki Market.

4. Ouzo


Have you heard about Ouzo, Greek Ouzo? This is the most popular alcohol in Greece. You must buy a bottle of this alcohol while you are in Athens. There are plenty of brands that you can choose from, the prices are also pretty affordable. Bottle of ouzo would be a perfect gift for you friends, it will give them a taste of the Greek traditions and lifestyle.

5. Oregano Spice


Have you asked yourself why the Greek meals are so good? Most of these meals have oregano spice in them! This Greek spice is the most popular spice in the region. You can choose from plenty of sellers while you are in Athens. Once again Monastiraki market would be the best place to find some Greek oregano. This spice is really cheap but at the same time really cool. If you want to try to cook some of the Greek meals when you get back to your home then you must buy some oregano from Athens.

6. Blue Glass Eye


The Blue Eye against evil is one of the most popular souvenirs in the Balkans. This item is popular mainly in Greece and Turkey. People not only in Athens but in the whole of Greece have at least one of these blue eyes in their homes. The eye protects the people from the evil spirits and this is why the Blue Eye is a perfect souvenir for everyone. You can basically buy one anywhere in Athens.

7. Greek Statues


As we all know, Greece and Athens are symbols of the world history. What better can you buy during your stay in Athens than some history? Well, the Greek statues that you can buy from Athens are not with a historical background but most of them are exact copies of the actual statues that you can see in Athens. The prices vary depending on the size of the statue.

8. Backgammon Board


Backgammon is one of the oldest games in the world. This game is typical for the Greeks. While you are in Athens you will most likely see people that are playing backgammon on the street. You can find different backgammons in the stores in Athens. Perfect gift for the fans of the board games.

9. Bouzouki


Another really interesting souvenir/item that you can buy during your vacation in Athens is the Greek bouzouki. The bouzouki is a typical Greek musical instrument that is basically part of the most traditional Greek songs. This musical instrument can be a great gift not only for the music fans. If you want to bring the Greek music back to your house than the bouzouki is a great thing to buy.

10. Owl Statue


The owl is the symbol of Athena, more specific the Goddess Athena. Most tourists buy small owl statues in order to bring some of the Greek traditions back to their homes. In Athens, you can buy such an owl statue, basically everywhere. You can choose from different sizes and colors. The most common owl statues among tourist are the gilded ones.

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